[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Rp_StargateWorldsv3

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3

[tab]Description:[/tab] The third Rp_StargateWorlds :smiley:

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod, Stargate Svn, C:SS

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=45447 [/release]

Okay Guys here it is, Rp_StargateWorldsv3! It has been ready for a while now, I was originally going to release it when the new Stargate Roleplay gamemode was complete http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=577272 but there has been a change in plans.

Here is all the worlds you will find in the map…

http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/3133/stargatecommandbw2.th.jpg-Stargate Command
http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/6902/alphaog1.th.jpg-The Alpha Site
http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/4605/asgardfi7.th.jpg-Abandoned Asgard ship
http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/8296/torkawh7.th.jpg-Tokra tunnels (Thanks to Stargate Legacy http://www.stargatelegacy.info/)
http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/5125/goajm8.th.jpg-Goauld Temple
http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/3382/goa2mb4.th.jpg-Goauld Temple
http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/4669/forestpz9.th.jpg-Forest, Created by Treselak pimped by me :smiley:

And worlds without Images…
*Anubis’ Overloader World.
*Ancient temple (Repository) world created by KIRBYMKII.

The gamemode http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/s...d.php?t=577272 Check it out! :smiley:

There will be more Stargate themed maps to come as I am now working with Sokar- Check out his Ori ship :smiley: --(http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=569231)

And once again Thanks to Venin! For his awesome maps he sent me :D- http://www.sylloc.com/

-The more recent map can be found here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=719338

Holy crap it’s out already!?
Well this is a great surprise, nice one Flyboi, i am gonna go test it now, i’ll comment on the map afterwards.

Great map! gonna download


Alternate download site? i’n getting 9kb/s

wow this is amazing damn you working in secret you should have told me :argh: well nice work anyhow.


I knew about it :wink:

Me tested it also o-O

Huzzah! for the next version!

Just tested it out, fantastic work, the new world additions are a real nice touch, again good work Flyboi.

Heart failings, this is so cool!

Sure I’ll love it.

How to make this awesome release squares?
[noparse][/noparse] does not work D:

You mean the map release box at the top of the page? Well that’s only for maps…

How does it work? I have a lua-releaease thread and want to let it look so cool :stuck_out_tongue:

OH MY GOD! Flyboi, why didn’t you tell me! Must. Have. It. NOW!

It’s part of the mapping release threads, So it can only be used on mapping releases.

Can someone upload this to filefront or some other hosting site, i’m only getting 4-10 kb/s and that isn’t normal for garrysmod.org.

aw no atlantis im depressed

Atlantis will be in Pegasus. Speaking of the devil! Flyboi, release date? Progress? Screenies?!

It will not compile with Atlantis. Also, It will not release until me an Fly have finished PegasusRP. :smiley:

Humn yeah Pegasus will come later :smiley:

Awesome map Flyboi!

Inspired me to continue work soon on my SG-Mod. :wink:

soon = end of next weak :smiley: