So, recently me and LORD M have been working on a steampunk themed map and hopefully it’ll turn out great. While waiting, take a look at my part of the map at its current state, and why not to throw in some ideas too. The map will consist of probably 2 different sides of the city separated by a river. I’m gonna make this into RP map but don’t expect those old clichés from me.

I’m also planning on making quite a few custom models (and hopefully LORD M will take care of the texture/art side :v:)for this map so don’t expect to be done in a second.

Updated yet again!

Continued the docs and the new side of the river, added 3 more buildings and few chambers and stuff into sewers. The river that’s crossing the city is gonna end up wit waterfall or something like that. Although the water is invisible because of some leak and I forgot that I didn’t have the cranes in garrysmod. :v:

General view







City Waterworks (Heavy WIP)






Shady shop in the sewers

Shop thingy and random apartment



Warehouse (With lift, gonna use the cranes here too.)




The slum / second dock



It’s too dim! Steampunk isn’t grey, it’s black and white! What I mean is that instead of having an overall evenly dim map, you should have it be very light and dark - so, for example, on the street, it’d be:

decently lit area which you can see clearly very dark area between streetlights decently lit area

instead of

pretty dark area even darker area pretty dark area

If it’s all that dark, the player won’t feel like the map has good ambience, they’ll just find it difficult to see any of your hard work!

Also: I massively support steampunk! So other than that I am pretty keen to see this develop!

How do you use color correction? Anyway GREAT LOOKING MAP! We will finally have a map without the generic 90’s style buildings!

Ah, very nice! Love the lighting.

The first shot reminds me of Theif (which is all-around steampunk).

Well, I did say the lighting was nowhere near finished didn’t I, the streetlights don’t even work at the moment. Appreciate the critisism though, I’ll take note of that.


You put the color correction entity into your map, compile and when ingame open the console and write “colorcorrectionui” that gives you the menus and variables.

Hmm, I need a little help. On my mission to make the lighting better I added a few spotlights (and started another building too), but now every time I try to run the map I get some CUTLinkedList overflow or something. What’s causing it and how to get rid of it?

Oh but I’ve got some content to show too, I modelled this small crane type thingy, I’m planning to place these on the riverside, possibly to lower my upcoming steamsub. It’s unwrapped too, which is sort of rare from me. :v:


It’s not proper steampunk without some railroad. Find a place to put at least a small length in, preferably with a classically victorian train station.

If you model the rails Phoenix-size even better!

Give your map a point, it will be played much more if you make it a dm map, or RP, etc.

Like I said in the first post it’s probably gonna be RP map in the end.

Of course it’ll have a railway station. :raise: Although I’m gonna model the tracks but they’re gonna be there.

Nobody knows how to fix that CUTLinkedList overflow? Oh well, even though I know I suck at skinning I started to texture the crane and this is what I’ve got at the moment. It’s still heavily WIP.


It’s 1160 triangles by the way.

Looks awesome, i wish i knew how to model. :emo:

Could you perhaps include a relatively high skybox for Zeppelins and Autogyros and such? :smiley:

Will this have a mad scientist’s lab anywhere? I get the impression that it would fit in well with the steampunk theme you’re going for.

Also, www.brassgoggles.co.uk is a good source of inspiration for steampunk stuff, if you need it.

The mad scientist’s manor was the first building I started to sketch on paper. :v: I’m not sure if it’s gonna be like I planned it to be in the map though.

And I already have that blog bookmarked, I’ve been following it for a while now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know, at the moment I’m building it like singleplayer HL2 maps are done, the skybox starts where the buildings end (of course it’s kinda high heightwise). So currently there’s no space to fly there, but I’m probably gonna make a few zeppelins in the 3d skybox anyway.

Looking good, I’m working on a steampunk map too.

Nice lighting on the pipe.

CutLinkedListOverflows are caused by physics. It is usually caused by large groups of prop_physics or func_physbox attached to each other or are within close proximity to each other.

That’s pretty strange because I haven’t added any physics thingies since the last compile, only lights and few brushes and such.


In fact, the map doesn’t even have any props placed in there currently.

Edit: Nevermind that anymore, because I worked my way around it and updated the first post.

It’s updates time again. :dance: I got rid of that fog until I get 3d skybox. I’ve started a warehouse and some rowhouse type thingy that’s gonna have 2 shops and the steam tube mail and telegraph office which is my latest ingenius invention. :v:

The mail system is basically vast network of brass tubes and you will be able to send items from important buildings to others via the steam tube system. When you put something in it, the steam will deliver it to the main mail office (in english, it’ll teleport to the mail office :v:) where the cleric then forwards it to what ever building you want. That also creates a real job for those RP’ers instead of making up fake professions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and the warehouse has another rather ingenius solution for getting stuff in, it’ll have those cranes on the roof to lift things up, and another lift to lower them into the warehouse itself.

Edit: Added 2 more buildings, one usable and one static. Also the lift now works, I’m gonna compile the cranes and finish the skin later.