What is it?
rp_subterranean is a roleplay map in an underground town/community that is built in a cave of sorts.
The theme I’ve been trying to go for is that its a makeshift community built below the surface hidden away from the world above, whether they are hiding from the combine, another apocalyptic or anything else is up the they player or server to decide.


  • 6 or so housing units + a hobo shack
  • Mayors office with living unit
  • 3 shops + gun shop
  • Police station and jail (currently empty)
  • Infirmary
  • Diner/Restaurant
  • Gangster hideout
  • A waterfall!
  • Multiple ways to get around the map
  • Water to cushion you if you fall off the path (Head to the infirmary after you get out though)
  • Nice relaxing tram ride down from the spawn area
  • Plenty of underground areas (Everything!)
  • Admin controls to turn off the waterfall effect and/or sound
  • And probably more that I don’t remember

**This is the spawn area, with the tram to get down to the map:

The main area before the waterfall was added:
Same area with the waterfall:
The medical room and the way to another area of the map:
This is the other area of the map, with a window to the souvenirs shop:
The shops:
The police station (completely empty at the moment) and “jail”:


  • Doesn’t this map use CSS or EP2 content?
    Nope, it only uses the default source content.

  • I don’t like the waterfall, can you remove it?
    The waterfall will be redone later to not look as bad but I’ll probably add an admin control to toggle it.

  • Can you add -something-?
    If you have any ideas please post them because I want to expand on the map a lot more.


Get it from the workshop here:

So yeah, if you have any ideas/suggestions/critiques please post them so I can make this map even better :smile:

Original and doesn’t look like a cheap knockoff like most other maps. I look forward to the release. I’m really loving the building designs, too.

It’s a little bright for my liking.

Having it so bright makes it look like daytime, which detracts from the pretty awesome underground city thing you have got going on.

I’d love to see the waterfall, if it’s not too much to ask for, could you record a short video of the map? :slight_smile: Other than that… Love the design and the idea, but as Mdeceiver79 says; it’s too bright to get the right feel of the map. But for building purposes i’d make it stay as it is atm.

Completely up to you. Well done though.

Logo text isn’t in perspective, yet the waterfall goes over it. 7/10 you tried.

Looks pretty neat. How many invisible walls are there?

I would suggest adding some kind of abandoned cave for the mutants, other than that it looks really unique and amazing

Wow, This would actually be quite nice for rp gamemodes. Like DarkRP. ( Even tho I don’t enjoy the gamemode itself, It might be somewhat enjoyable on a map which isnt downtown. )

Hows this?


I dimmed all the spotlights from 600 brightness to 400, I’ll go around and do the rest of the lights later.

Once I get the waterfall to show up in Garry’s mod I’ll do a video.

The logo was a rush job that I messed up on but couldn’t undo far enough to fix it so I gave in and used it anyways, it will be replaced eventually.

And what do you mean by invisible walls? Like a hallway that you can’t do down because of a actually invisible wall? If so then there isn’t any. There are 2 tunnels (where you spawn and the one with the red truck) that are blocked off with dirt though. I’m not sure if that is what you meant.

A cave will be added for sure.

How would you think a place like this would get electricity? Should there be a generator room somewhere or should I just run power lines from one of the caved in tunnels?

Little Lamplight, anyone?

By invisible walls I mean places that you normally wouldn’t go (roofs) being blocked off for no apparent reason.

The lighting could use a lot of work. Different colours. Better contrast. Interior lights. Make the light_spot with the outer radius of 80-90 and the inner of 40-50. Give the map more shadows. make it feel darker, colder, like a cave. use the brushwork you have to cast shadows over areas you want dark and hidden and light over areas you want good visibility.

The brushwork and layout is pretty good but the lighting and atmosphere could use some work. The idea is unique though and I really like that.

I for once am a huge fan of the lighting you have currently.

great concept, good execution, and since this is a WIP i think this map is going to end up great. i like what i see except for those cave textures. you really should use EP2’s rock textures i think it’d make your map look much better tenfold.

New banner is done.

Here is the waterfall in-game, sorry about the quality.


Nope, you can go where ever you can jump (or fall) on to. I don’t like limiting the player on stuff like that.

Thanks for the tips, I’ll mess around and see what I can do.

And thank you everybody for all the compliments :smile:

Pleaaase tell me you’re going to use color light from control point to light the waterfall, it’ll look so much more suitable with those lights you’ve got passing through it.

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That’s the only thing that irks me. :v:

Falls that small would still be making considerable noise

http://members.home.nl/sodejuu/index/TEMP/MP3%20brown%20noise.mp3 << bigger sound will make it feel bigger
http://www.bwgen.com/YahooFiles/timeless2.wav << subtle

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just examples I’m sure with more than a minute of searching anyone could find better

Question; once you release it, will that remain the final version forever? Or are you gonna update it every so often like Industrial17 was?

I’m probably going to release it on workshop soon, fix problems/add popular suggestions a few times here and there. I don’t want to be a huge map, its meant to be a smaller tight packed community so there shouldn’t be a need to many huge additions.

I just started a job working 10 hour days and Saturdays last week so I have way less time to work on it, but today I have a few hours to get some stuff done, hopefully enough to stick it on the workshop tonight


You or anyone else planning to get a server up with it?

Not that I know of