Remember that old map, rp_subtransit?

Well, I’m doing a remake of it, with an updated reactor and many expanded secrets? I’ve talked with the original dev, BlackPhoenix, and he’s happy for me to go ahead with it!

For example, did you know you can spawn a secret train in Station 6o6 by taking the bottle of bleach labelled “6o6” from the small town to the ONE drawer in the library that opens and then closing it? This is actually in the original map, see for yourself!

Things in the map include:

  • All new train
  • Easier to blow up the reactor
  • Bigger flooded section of the map
  • Added an extendable cord to the mobile generator and places to plug it in!
  • Blowing up the reactor will turn off almost all the lights!
  • You can activate sump pumps to drain the water from the flooded section!
  • All new maps, lore, and graphics!
  • Optimized a HUGE lot!
  • Much more that I haven’t thought of yet!

The map is currently WIP and will be finished in a FEW WEEKS! (2 weeks, not months)

HERE IS THE GUIDE! Link to the map will be posted on it when finished! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=490166401

Post your comments down below! I need ideas to add or change things! (They need to be small, the map is big as it is, I need to use a custom compiler xD)

Gonna keep you teased.

What’s the point of this thread?

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If you want us to give you tips, it’s a bit hard since you didn’t give much

The point is to advertise the remake I’m doing of this map. Which will include numerous fixes and things. Also, if you’ve looked at the guide, you’ll see it also doubles as a guide for the original map as well.

Looks pretty cool! But, uh, isn’t there a “Mapping” section in the forums?

I thought that was just for help with mapping?


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The link is broken also please dont tell me the map isnt ount ;( please reply :smiley: