Rp_Suncity (working name)


Rp_suncity is a city map located on a Whitebeach area of Suncity, on a fictional tropic island. The map is going to be very detailed and 100 % made with custom models & textures.

The map is work inprogress and more content will be added all the time. I will show new screenshots about twice on a month. What you see in the images will probably change in the future.
There will be palm trees and other tropical foliage all over the grass areas and the dev-textures blocks will be replaced with buildings.

Have fun testing the map on it’s current public release and please give me ideas and criticism :smile:


Models by me and Dragory
Textures by me and Dragory and Broseph

Also thanks to oskutin for entity work & technical help and HiddenMyst for the skybox.


Not all up-to-date.









Always out of date :v:



Current version: **Alpha 1.0 **

A version with some bugs. I tried to recompile after fixing the bugs -but thanks to these ultimately shitty compiling tools we have- it failed to compile properly. After three tries I gave up.

To play the Alpha 1.0, download these files:

-Content (textures, materials):
-The map itself:

Also, don’t steal any of my custom content!

Looks like its coming together very nicely, I couldn’t help but think of Ocean Drive from Vice City when I first looked at the screens.

Literally logged in to say how nice this looks lol (and I haven’t logged in since the ratings went). What will the map offer in terms of interactivity?

Really nice Work Jukka, I like it.

However, the hotel in the first picture doesn’t feel right. I can’t really put my finger on it.

Looks great! Is that the whole layout of the map or are you planning on making it bigger

You’ll be able to enter many of the buildings (atleast partly) and there will be many entities for modifying that what you see. For example the car lift in Whitebeach garage is useable and all the shops will have controlable alarms.

A little bigger atleast.

Do you mean the left one? It’s very early work in progress and doesn’t even have right textures.

I like the map I think layout is great and love the style. Will you be able to enter all the buildings?

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I already said it in post above yours:


Just kidding. But the beach looks cool, can you get a better angle of it?


Here’s one:

The chance between normal map and 3D-skybox will be less noticeable.

Damn, I love this so far. To bad we don’t have really to many good Roleplay scripts. :frowning:

Well, you can still use this map for comics and such. Or just driving arounf or something. :smile:

Very true, but Roleplaying is fun sometimes too. :slight_smile: haha
Don’t forget to add some cool secret places. Those are always fun.

I don’t like the blinds in the first screenshot, They just don’t suit the ‘city’ very well IMO. Apart from that though it looks great!

keep working on it, I like it, it looks very clean. I’m anticipating this to be great.

Wow, it looks very good.

I really love the looks of it!

This looks, amazing !

The map looks stunning so far! Be sure to add some nodes if you can :wink:

Best roleplaying map I’ve seen so far. I love bright, happy maps.
Don’t make it too big though. It’s always more fun to RP in crowded areas. Large RP maps tend to spread the players out, and it’s no fun RPing on your own.
The custom textures is a big plus.
Continue working on it, I like what I’m seeing!

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Sorry. -_-