Rp_Sunvale_v2 Release!

Greeting Garry’s Mod players!

Today i am releasing my new map: Rp_sunvale_v2
It’s a new version of my first map Rp_sunvale

Whats new?

I have “refreshed” the whole city, improving the textures of excisting buildings and upgrading the all buildings. Buildings such as the hospital and police station has been totally changed and pret-tech is now relocated to the west

Opened up the tunnels, giving acces to 2 brand new places:

-Suburban Area: A small place with 4 american-like houses with their own garage in the forest
-Industrial Area: A large industrial area within the forests of sunvale,containing garages and factories

It might sound a bit Evocity like, but its far from evocity

>>>>>the map is now made with EPISODE 2 instead of CSS!!<<<

have fun playing :smiley:

So can we have a download link or something?

link is at the top :3

Very nice.

the map reminds me of the old classic evocity

oh god cliff walls why

Why EP2? I can’t use this on my server now, I’m not going to make 39 12 year olds buy EP2 to play

Does look erie similar to evo city.

The map is nicely done, however there a few things i belive you forgot to do in the rundown appartments when you walk into the bathroom theres no roof. When you go into the food place you cant really walk through the door. I dont think its my pc playing up if it is I appologize and its a great map. Where is the police station ?