Ok guys, work with me here. Rp maps need a main mapper obviously to develop a basic landscape and ect. I was thinking about making a community rp map but their were a few plot holes. So instead here’s what I’m looking for.

If anyone’s interested I could give them dimensions of areas for them to map something for the area. I will give credit for your development of course but I was thinking of this more like a team project. I could add anyone on MSN that’s interested in mapping an area and I could give you some land to fill.

For example you get the img: http://i37.tinypic.com/r09gm0.jpg There’s your dimensions and I could request a kind of building. I’m trying to do this because 1 person rp projects are alot of work and teams are fun :smiley:

Please don’t flame the idea…

~Iconic <3

MSN: Iconic@live.com

I’ll give it a go.