[SUP]Hey guys I’m starting on a “Perp map”…well I want to design this map for “Perp” purposes. I will update this thread every so often with pictures of my progress if you guys could just judge on my brush work and any other comments or critiques you may have please share them. Thank you.[/SUP]

Also if anyone wants to help maybe with like building designs and what not, I definitely need it, my architectural skills lack in some areas. I do improve all the time though. :smiley:

First pic
(I added some new roads. Some elevation because the problem with all the perp maps is that they are so flat and boring…)
This is the latest

It’s a hammer image, with a car on a slab of concrete, a building behind, and a player start. It’s isn’t much to showcase really.

I know I’m gonna get alot more done and the car was just to measure the size of the road compared to the size I wanted to use. Wotalt or James has taught me to build to the powers of “2”.

You are making the same mistake I did when I first joined Facepunch and made a thread here.

You bearly show anything.

Look at some of the other threads, they have been working for a long bit before they have actually posted their maps on the forums.

Good luck on this, I hope you can continue this and have enough inspiration, I always lose inspiration and it goes back and fourth making a very slow dev cycle.