[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Rp_the_island

[tab]Version:[/tab] v1

[tab]Description:[/tab] roleplay map or constructionmap for submarines


[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=13789 [/release]

Hello people

I has picked out sometimes an old Map and has jazzed up sometimes completely.

(builded by Kuno) (from me)
(the Main house was building from Erik)

she is complete with Hdr

these are:
Be 1 main island with eim big house, 4 small islands with house
and in addition high and under it mobile platform on one things can build

(there always so little place on the islands was)
Wonderfully for Roleplay, building submarines, posing or simply for
atomic Testing :smiley:

have fun

(sorry for my bad english)
(original Thread http://garrysmod.de/forum/showthread.php?p=116938#post116938 )

Here some picture:




Looks nice. Downloading now.

King’d :smiley:


good job.

got my dl.

A water map. YAY.


P.s. King’d

Yay! Your old map with my main house on the main island!

Hehe looks great!

Jeah thanks erik for your mainhouse.
it was good for this map :smiley:


hm i found some bugs :S i think i must be made a fix.

You have to fix the rotating direction of these red buttons and the HDR bloom is too strong.

beautiful map
good ideas, easy to build on the map like bouts or submarines and maaannny buttons (and i dont know for they are…)but the hdr is a little bit to high for me ;/
but its great ;D

looks like the island from dbz

What’s the inside of the house like? I’m thinking a new type of Roleplay; survivor. Depends very much on if the house is big enough.

God, how long did this take to compile?

Looks ok, but I have seen better, sorry.

I think the best water texture to use is dev_water05, it has the best reflectivity. The water you used looks weird, maybe the bloom is causing it, not sure.

The custom content looks pretty good, but you should show some indoor shots.

The compliling time is 1 hour (without portalflow)
with portalflow the time is too long (more than 3 days)

I use the watertextur water_canal_01 I think

umm, i believe you made a gay thing on your map that closes the server, dick. If you noclip and go under the water and like 3 layers of ground you will be in a huge area of water, you will see some windows in the water from a distance, go to it and it’s a little hidden room, if you go inside, I beleive it will make you say something stupid and shut down the server. Fuck off.

Jes ;D that’s an antinooclip wall. :smiley:
If you try come in into the Adminroom with noclip, than you will be disconnected.
Search for another way to come in into this room. :smiley:

make an admin wall that doesn’t block the admin…

Type “ent_fire point_clientcommand kill” in console, without the “” :wink:
(requires sv_cheats 1)

If you try to come into the adminroom you musst find the teleporter.
Search into the world press some things and hear.
If you can hear runing water then you can find the way to the adminroom :smiley:

I quite like it. However the HDR bloom is fairly strong.