RP_TNY_Town - Abandoned Project

Hello ! I was working on RP Map for the group I was in. I left that group so I am going to give you guys the map i was working on, this map is kinda blocky since i had no time to finish it, I just heard from one person “there’s not enought RP features” so i decided to make builidings and detail them later, well detailing never happend so, yeah feel free to modify it, there’s VHE Project File inside.

MAP IS NOT DONE BUT ITS FULLY PLAYABLE, doesnt have any bad errors in it and is not glitchable.


But… Its not finished

I never said thats finished, thats just project of my map that I dont want to work on anymore. I think that will be useful for few newbies. :stuck_out_tongue: Also if anyone is going to modify it, place cubemaps correctly ! I placed them at random heigh, just to make them be

If it’s not finished then it’s not a release. :eng101:
Should have gone in the VMF dump thread.

Still though, looks pretty good. Looks to have everything a real-life RP map needs.

Its like finished but not fully, thats like beta and final version in one :stuck_out_tongue:

You should have finished it. It looks nice.

Maybe. I’ll work on another RP later, maybe.


It has so potential!

Thanks at all !

Netheous, the other rp should have more roads like that.

I’m going to be honest with you.

That is better than most shit I see around here.

Since I’m still a bad mapper, congratulations anyway. It looks pretty good.

Maybe i would finish this map if I’ve got sucha motivation before.

Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s just me. But over last couple of days, the guys on the mapping section have been kind of nice. And motivational as you say.

Incredibly nice map!

Though the lighting could be different in the buildings (colder lighting in prison, warmer in houses, etc)

You’ve got good design, but its blocky and thick as hell.

wow! If you just finished the map, maybe make it a tad bigger. This map might be am actual good rp map. It may be blocky but looks amazing.

Read thread

awesome lighting

links broken

seems to you got abit better making maps, then my friend got your projekt that you leaved, it was full of errors. Not even contents or something, but my friend fixed all these terrible errors you caused.