Okay, after listening to many motivating answers about my abandoned project, I just decided to work a bit more on it.

Okay so my ideas are going to be placed down there in form of the list:

To-Do List 	

[li][del]A bit more apartaments[/del][/li][li][del]Fixed glass break bug (I was too lazy to work on it a bit more, sorry)[/del][/li][li][del]Sewers[/del][/li][li][del]Moving Clouds[/del][/li][li][del]More props (interior/exterior etc.)[/del][/li][li][del]Custom Skyboxes[/del][/li][li][del]Better 3D Skybox[/del][/li][li][del]Fixed Cubemaps[/del][/li][li][del]HDR[/del][/li][li][del]Another Lighting (This one looks kinda awfuly cause of shadows)[/del][/li][li][del]TV Station[/del][/li][li][del]TV Screens[/del][/li][/ul]

Dude don’t start a thread without pictures, Hense the reason no-one is commenting on this.

Done, happy ?

Your roads are too thin. Make them 384 units instead.

There’s enought space for one jeep :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see this map was revived by the creator, it looks like when it’s done it could be quite fun.

Also, if you could make all 4 versions, :gizz:

You got it !

Dude those pictures look the same ones as the V1.

yeah V1 is definitely too thick/blocky.

This could turn out great though

They’re still too thin. Roads normally have some extra space on the side of lanes.

Eh, looks alright. Blocky and needs better texture placement. It’s a good start though, you just need to sort out the kinks now.

Looks like something you’ve mapped the geometry for but still need to add the details. A good start nontheless.

Ohhhh… i accidently cut the part of it, I’ll fix it soonish, also look at new pics

Good luck! :razz:

Thanks !

Those were pics from V1, I am just going to add more things to it and give this map to people when I’ll be feeling like its finaly done

This Looks beautiful. Looking forward to it :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll do my best

Looking real good.
Brush amount?

Dunno, I guess it was about 12% of usage so far, I’ve put nodraw on every invisible face, map is optiimized since only walls and floors aren’t func_detail.

Ent usage is about 33% :smiley:
And I am fixing several bugs, then I am going to start making Sewers and I guess I’ll make about 3 ways to get into sewers.

Also I am thinking about making something like on downtown, train station, but I am not sure yet