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as much as I enjoy fullbright. Would it kill you to add some lights?

I will add them in a later version.

Great, can you also not use the elevator texture with strange texture alignment as a building texture? I got a boatload of suggestions here. Like, not stretch out the terrain texture to such ridiculous lengths. I realize you’re optimizing it for IGPs, but my Matrox S200 can run this, and thats only 8MB.

Just kidding about the S200, that thing can bearly run Goldsource. But seriously… a little detail wouldn’t kill.

Ok I could use some suggestions. I did work fast on the textures by the way to release a higher fps roleplaying map on my server.

1] Turn off texture lock to prevent it stretching when you drag your brushes.
2] Use the alignment tools in the texture application tool.
3] Scale your textures appropriately, you got some textures repeating often, others not so much.
4] If you really want to help out lower end computers/notebooks with puny IGPs, I recommend using sources built in optimization. Interlopers - Optimization. This handy guide will help you through understanding and implementing these optimization techniques.
5] Try adjusting the scale of your buildings a bit better, so they dont look so tall and look as interesting as Nebraska.

Are the textures meant to be streched?

No not really I was in a hurry at doing them I will work on fixing them up for one of the next releases.

To fix the textures is there anything else than texture lock? It takes too long to custom scale each texture. I can get rid of texture lock though. I use fit or treat as one in some cases. I believe the textures are looking so stretched because of the size of the walls.

Textures tile…

A map should take more than 30minutes to make. You can reapply the texture by going into the texture browser, and right clicking on the face. The textures are stretched because you made the brush small, then you scaled it. Please spend a little bit more time on your project.

  • FullBright.
  • Textures stretched to hell.
  • Pics don’t work properly can barely see whats going on.
  • No detail? Like. At all.

And honestly. When I read the first post it feels like im reading a post from a troll.

It took a lot more than 30 minutes to make. If I could make something like that in 30 minutes I would be releasing a lot more at once.

And why you have auto prop deletion everywhere?

Auto prop deletion is there because it is built mainly for roleplay it deletes props under the map and trying to go through the map walls. Keeping the fps up and server more stable.

So you optimized your map for potato, but potatoes can’t even run source.

I don’t like how you wrote “30 minutes to make” It takes over 2 hours to select each individual wall and custom fit them…

Not wanting to sound aggressive or anything here, but all I see is green smudges, low res boxes and no layout.

Even If you wanted to make a “High performance” map, you could at least have tried to have a coherent map. Hell, I would play a roleplay map with HL1 level of quality, as long as everything is the same quality.

So please, draw a layout on a sheet of paper before mapping, and ask yourself “Do that look real?”, or “Could I see that in a real town?”. Again, don’t take that as insults, i’m just saying that it isn’t good by any mean.

What you just said is cinemas, police departments, garages, under ground tunnels, apartments and more do not exist in real life is that right?


Bad Reading x 1 (list)
I never saw a cinema without seats, or a Police department with huge letters in the front.
And the list go on. Seriously, how this :

Is anywhere close to something like this:

I’m sorry, but nothing you can say will change my point of view, your map is not good looking, not great gameplay wise, and most importantly in a rp map, not somewhat realistic.