I am looking for help on map development, Currently having issues with putting sun light on the map, I also need help in building, So far I made a few buildings to be some sort of “background” (instead of 3D Map) and started working on the PD.
What I got in mind:
PD with 5 Jail Cells [Done, 4 cells in total, all equal in size.]
Much more expanded and detailed map (so far its so small that it takes 10 seconds to reach from spawn to end)
Street lights, misc objects on streets (probably will be placed at finishing stage of the map before first release)
Custom Textures >> Still need someone who is good with textures !!
Gun Shop
A few possible hiding spots apartments for gangsters
Subway/train station (didn’t decide if to add it yet)
Nice apartments and houses
Better Skybox, LDR (Non-HDR) >> I though performance-wise before making the map, but now it doesnt seems to very over-detailed so HDR will be enabled.
A small park for beauty
If you wish to contribute, please add me on steam !
I really need people that know how to make custom textures, and also someone that knows basic mapping ! (e.g. designing apartments, adding doors, elevators, lights, etc.)
I don’t have a large knowledge in Source SDK so i’ll need lots of help !
EDIT1: Pics:http://s625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/ Note the window texture blocks are deleted when i start building. they only mark the future buildings place.
EDIT 2: Also looking for people that can do some general building, and someone could help me with light issues ? light entity wont light anything, env_sun and light_env both do nothing and it looks like i’m getting light from the skybox, and no shadows appear no matter the position of the light/light_env/sun.

Edit 3 1/29 6:43PM - [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0008.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0010.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0012.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0013.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0014.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] [IMG_THUMB]http://i625.photobucket.com/albums/tt337/LTSabre/rp_townlife_alpha%20pics/rp_townlife_alpha0016.jpg[/IMG_THUMB] I did alot of extra work, changed skybox, added lights, a few flickering lights in jail (should be a reason for you to behave as a citizen ^^) to add to the “nighty” theme and atmosphere. In the last pic you see the spawn and the first house that i am now building. Also added to jail some sort of storage or confiscation room. will also weaken the lights in jail as they cancel the “scary” effect of flickering light_spot. Also I have to add model lamps for the lights, meanwhile there are none just beacuse i’m busy building other things. I might also add a train station, but on the other hand the map is very small. maybe in Beta version i might expand the map :slight_smile:

Pictures, Please… If you have any.

Shit,Read it as this is what he has

It will defiantly need some tall buildings.

Windows shouldn’t be on top of the buildings

“Note the window texture blocks are deleted when i start building. they only mark the future buildings place.” …

Best… Map… Ever! :eek:

Yeah we better cancel all of our crap we have nothing on this

Oh come on, stop the sarcasm -,-
Also updated the first post, now looking for people that can do general building !

Also please note that the map is small and shitty just beacuse so far its only one man working on it, me. I can’t have alot done in just a few hours, thats why i’m still looking for people to help with changing lighting (day/night), general building, custom textures, making the map much bigger, and maybe custom models.

Don’t take this the wrong way but you skills need more time to develop, all of our first few maps don’t look spectacular and at this point your still climbing the learning curve, keep climbing and you will get there soon but at this point your mapping isn’t ready for facepunch, sorry.

Try finding some new tricks in the tutorjLs section on interlopers.com or YouTube videos(although take the latter with a grain of salt because some tutorials don’t go about the best way of doing things)


damn dude sry but ,this map is shitty.When you search for someone who can make buildings then watch this :smiley:

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im not the best one but i think that this is really better as the others :smiley:

P.s Bad Egnlish i now :::

Your a good Mapper bdbthekiller, but that doesn’t mean you can go about saying others work sucks and yours is one of the best. Even though WebofTrusts map was a crappy map meant for sarcasm and laughter.

Actually, You should re-read my post, since, A. I’m the only man working on the map, whats the chance for me to complete 20 apartments in a few weeks ? one-man project like this can take a few months. B. I’m looking for texture & model developers and general builders that will help me in building this map, meanwhile i got 1 friend that is only advicing. C. As I said before, And I’ll say it again:“Note the window texture blocks are deleted when i start building. they only mark the future buildings place.” … What you see is ugly textures that MARK the location of future to-be buildings. Don’t compare a finished map that at least 4 people worked on, to a map that isnt even released as alpha, and its only one man working on it.

Juppie902 , First of all you have to get some skills, so start with small houses or only part of street, make them ridiculously detailed, and learn everything about texturing, lighting etc… dont start with a Rp map because they aren’t easy to make them good

sry i know im to evil :smiley: have think that i can say this guy how to learn it when he watch my ones :smiley: ok sry i got it ^^ and i think that webof trusts can map because his map gm_cityrail is fucking nice and hes a pro mapper ,so who ever has laught is a dumbass

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oh and juppie902 a little info when you want to make a location for your new buildings then ist better when you use the texture :Dev_ it looks nicer and help you by your location

I was actually posting a pic from the link in the OP

It looks really bad, and before you start making gigantic roleplay maps , why don’t you just TOY with the engine. I’ve made many a project too big for me and it ended up looking like crap , so I spent ages and ages just making random crap.

Back when goldsource mapping was ‘all the rage’ , I had a folder chock full of completely random maps. Some were experimenting with entities and their settings ( for example , how to make a spin up sound for a rotating brush , or laser ‘gates’ that scrolled against the wall ) and corridors. It really helps now as you know what looks good in something , what colours go well for the ‘area’ of a map , etc.

ok i dont getting it why are you working on 2 maps ,Yeah 2 fucking bad maps 1.gm_hugestruck 2. this rp map.Dude you must stop this right now ,one map is bullshit but you make shitty maps dude wth ??? what are you a noob pls before its over and they bann you i know what im talking about ,learn it and then post again a map ^^ ok pls

P.s don’t bann me for this but look :

number one: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1054922-gm_hugestruct?highlight=

Number two: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1054295-RP_TownLife-ALPHA?highlight=

Smart guy, Please understand, If i would continue working on the RP map, you would see progress and new pics by today. i stopped the RP map working, and just fool around with random useless maps. if you expect a very detailed, made all from custom models & textures, nothing default, go to other people you know that make good detailed maps.