Hey guys, I present to you the new Townsend! V1.5 is the town part of the new map and is suitable for small/medium rp servers, it contains alot to do and RP for a small map!

The new map is based off the old Townsend but it has now been almost fully remade, with most buildings being new and alot more detail and optimization put in place!

.Shopping mall
.Gun/pawn shop
.Office building
.Large store
.Train station
.Petrol Station

  • Alot more to see and do!

Map is optmized! No lag,

Map & Design: - Jamzzster

**UKRP GangWarsRP

Helpers & Beta Testers:

Jonny Woo

I’ll be adding on to this map in future versions with new areas and features so keep a look out!



As my budget is very low right now please visit www.quartzgamers.weebly.com if you would like to make a donation or find out about more of my work and upcoming work!

What’s the changelog?

Do you want a mirror?

Looks good, too bad that the it’s much smaller now.

I was wondering, why do you need a budget for mapping?
Back on topic, great map although small.

Fault he probably wants to put up a website that is a mapper’snamew/e.com instead of using Weebly, or anything. Builds a better image for the mapper in my opinion. Also he may want to get a server to test it with multiple people in it, and he may not have the computer to host one =/

Those are some guesses, I don’t know 100%. But that is what I would assume.

P.S Not being a Troll just putting possible reasons :wink:

I knew you would provide an updated version, which is why I avoided the first :wink:

Exactly ^.^



Or for those without 7z:


Side note: Don’t copy and paste the URL into the address bar, else it won’t work.


Okay, I have had time to play the map, and I have come up with a couple of complaints:

Reflections. When I’m outside and I see something reflective, it looks lovely. When I’m inside, the reflective things usually still reflect the sky. Observe:


Notice that the bin looks great with the reflections (although I believe the cubemap was generated a long way away from the bin). Let’s have a look at a couple of other areas:


They look familiar, don’t they?
I believe you can add an entity in Hammer that tells it where to generate these cubemaps. I’m not sure about the details because I’m not much of a mapper, but I hope someone else can clarify.

Next, the size. It’s very very small compared to rp_townsend_v1p isn’t it? It looks like the map isn’t quite finished yet, and that you are going to add in the missing beach and residential areas later. Is this correct? I honestly love the new mall area that you made. I highly anticipate version 2 of this map.

Lastly, the HDR is still way too bright. I’m not really sure if this kind of map suits HDR. Tone it down a lot, and it’ll work.