Yes i have finaly finished this map and it is now ready for you and your friends to play…
There are 2 areas…a Town and a Residential area. With a subway connecting both parts this map is perfect to play and rp on and with over 20 places to live there won’t be any shortages of homes!

All the credits for the map are in the read me.



I’m still optimizing the map at the moment but it is almost done and the map is bigger with a new road making getting around more useful, interesting and fun! :smiley:

this map looks really good going to try this out now

EDIT: i’m playing this now and this map is awsome

you have to make a V2 of this soon by adding two new areas where the two blocked off tunnels are

The sun looks too white. Try adding some color tones to it.

Other then that very nice job!

Needs more pics.

Jamzzster, i’ve always liked your style of mapping, and it shows in this how much you’ve improved from the very start, I remember “Vartard”. Good map, although some of the lighting is pretty bright and doesn’t fit the environment, e.g. as stated above, the sun.

It Looks So Fun And Nice!.
Downloading!. :'D

Well its… ehm… ok. And its maybe to small?? Details are good, Lots of buildings and shit, love the train.
Well atleast am gonna keep it in my maps folder, and maybe use it for gmod movies i will be making soon lol

I tried it. It’s little bit… bland. And boring. But it’s ok.

Nice map.

my complaints: Couches are going through walls, a hole in the ceiling of the bus station near the homes, and that same building, on the outside there are windows, inside no windows.

Verry nice. I agree with Jabba. Please expand on V2!

Don’t expand too much though. Don’t want to to turn into a Evocity 2.

looks very nice, i personly would like to see more maps of this style i.e. peaceful towns and citys
maybe you could start working on a bigger map?

I am going to release update b4 christmas. I’m fixing that shitty lag atm and I am fixing that nightmarish furniture. For now get admins to remove or rotate it back. Yes the corss road has been put there for future extensions and there will be futures 1’s but i need ideas 1st!

see the two tunnels that are blocked on both side of it i have two ideas for them

  1. have a country road with a massvie woodland area with some wooding house’s and a lake and some farmers land.
  2. by the second tunnel have a small mountain town conneting to the rest of the map and have it so the only way to get up there is by that tunnel.

That sounds like Evocity bro.

Area portals please. The map can get REALLY laggy without them.


Anyone else having 3 fps on this map ?

40-80 on high

Yeah, I am. It’s because of the optimization.