After almost 100 days since Townsend_v1 release I’ve finally managed to get a updated version of it out!
Townsend_v1 was good but alot of people complained about lag in areas and stuff like that what has now all been fixed.
Updated List
.Fixed both areas rendering at same time
.Area portals added to almost every building
.Overall less lag everywhere
.Bigger road area
.Improved train timings and speed (fixed console bug)
.Fixed bushes in the way of houses in Housing Area
.Fixed gaps in floor all over the map
.Patched holes in playerclips around the map
.Fixed broken Env_Cubemap
.Fixed both doors in both houses in housing area hitting each other
.Improved detail and props in Town area
.Fixed hole in the wall below apartments in the shops back room
.Removed Furniture that went through walls
.No more client overflows (unless you go out of the skybox)

New Stuff! :smiley:
.Added new area with lake and apartments
.New roads and tunnels
.New pawn shop enterence and window
.New way to get to the Subway station
.Added 2 holiday appartments
And more what you can go find :slight_smile:

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f95utVG7NEY

Do not reupload this anywere or edit it.
To find out more about the map contact me on steam- Jamzzster


Official Server -

If gmod.org goes down theres a second mirror here!

It was great fun beta-testing it. Lovely work Jamzzster and I hope you keep it up for future maps.
I’ll be hosting a server for this, what gamemode do you think I should use? :>

Use the one we had on the old server with weather n stuff…People liked all that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved the first map, unfortunately now when I try to download the new one, download is said to take about two hours which is ridiculous bullshit.

Gmod.org servers being slow I bet :confused:

New Mirror: http://radnation.net/rp_townsend_v1p.zip


Actualy a really epic map nice work dude!


<3 I hope this undoes downtown.

It’s not a bad map, but I do see a lack of sprites. By the way, you might want to improve them stairs, door frames, and lighting (mainly all around the map).

That was probably because you used Mirror 1, which is the slowest out of the 3.
Use Mirror 2 or 3, they are usually a lot faster.
Mirror 2 took me 3 mins to download.

I liked this map so much I now use it on my server.
Lets hope it gets popular.

(Always pick server 2)

Mirror 1 uses some shitty thing called Coblitz which is as slow as fuck.

This map HOPEFULLY has better optimization.
Its a lag fest when you can see one side of the map to the other on a older computer.
However, on a new computer this ran just fine.

I really take my hat off to ya this map is beautifuly done

Somehow “Epic” doesn’t quite seem to do it justice.

is ther a pig station ?

I like it this time.

Its nice, but once again, the light_environment doesn’t seem to fit.

Any game requirements?