I have a Screen Shot of whats showing up on my screen when i enter this map i really need some help on a solution to my problem : /! HELP!



I have it


i just played a game of css it was lag free and the graphics were normal


Omg somone please help soooooooooooo annoying!

Get HL2:EP1
Get HL2:EP2
Get Portal
Get TF2
Get HL1
Install map correctly (Some are made as addons)
Make sure you have all the map textures (Because that’s definitely the problem, missing textures and models)

You might need EP2

I see it perfectly, and I’ve got these games:
HL2:Lost coast
Deathmatch Classic

Might be DOD or something thats missing, maybe mail whoever made the map.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Make sure CS:S is properly mounted by looking in GMod settings

And if it’s broken or something and you do own it, open the counter strike .gfc (‘shared’ one I think) and extract the ‘cstrike’ folder to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons and whack an info.txt in there (any one will do, just copy it from another addon). I know that works as I’ve done it myself (had to, as CS:S is on another steam account. I have it on my other one as I accidentally bought it while logged into my MW2 account. I use a seperate MW2 account so I can have the color codes and not have my name in HL2:DM etc all fucked up with ‘^1,’ ‘^2,’ etc).