This is only my fourth map. It has flaws I know. The missing texture in the sewers is somewhat intentional. It’s only a credit VTF. It just says that I made it. This took me a few days to make. Please, constructive critisizm only. Thanks!

Need pictures.

I’m on gmod right now, taking them

Should’ve done that before you uploaded.

And missing textures are never intentional.

I’m on gmod right now, taking them


You really arn’t good at making quotes, are you?

I am, but I am really trying to make the map pretty and upload some pictures.

and anyway, it didn’t show up as a missing texture at all, it never even showed.

Alright, the pictures are on the garrysmod.org. I suppose you want me to upload them here.

The map is blocky, ugly, and the lighting is very dark. The area looks dumped in the middle of nowhere. Needs a ton more work. Also, never make a release thread without images ready to go. It’s like a car company trying to sell a car they refuse to show you.

The textures are quite ugly, it looks quite blocky and the lightning is very flat.
Maybe try using EP2 textures or custom ones for your “V2”.

The skybox is ugly too.


:ninja:'d by IronPhoenix in alot of stuff D:

Was that so hard?

The map looks horrible. The textures are odd and not aligned, the lighting is shit, the skybox doesn’t match the lighting. Why do you have a cliff texture for the wall? In the second picture the room is way too big, if you have to use gmod’s entities to light it up then you probably should of put a light in there in the first place.


Oh and why is the fountain full bright?

You know what, Don’t like it, don’t reply.


Just don’t even reply. At all.

And, as a side note, run a full compile before releasing it. Basically all this stuff is stuff you should have noticed yourself through testing.


You posted it here. That means that you will get criticism for bad stuff, not praise.

And, as a side note, run a full compile before releasing it. Basically all this stuff is stuff you should have noticed yourself through testing.

Just that statement alone automatically means you have gone down on my books of “excuse makers”

You said constructive critisizm. (not to mention you spelled criticism wrong.)

Its better you hear it now. This is junk, work on a bunch of practice maps before hand, and if you post something make sure you think to yourself “Is this how I imagined my level?” “Are people going to want to play on this map.”

Are you expecting us to call your map a heavenly map created by gods or what?
How are you going to improve you mapping if you don’t get criticised?

Don’t ask for constructive criticism if you don’t want to be critiscised.

You shouldnt have posted it here if you didnt wanted to get any C&C.

If you dont want to be flammed to death, you had better start listening to the other mappers/people opinions and improve.

>Implying what you said was constructive criticism in any way.

I think it looks good for only a fourth try. They are right, tho. Take the lighting on the fountain down, try using the cs_militia HDR skybox, and make the kitchen room a little smaller. Other than that, good job.

The Militia skybox is overused and doesn’t suit every map. It certainly wouldn’t suit this one.

Should be featured on garrysmod.com