This map was created in order to enhance the abilities of all combine in every RP community. The reason for this is because lately in most HL2 roleplay communities the combine are… lacking and unskilled. So anywho, this was more specifically created for an upcoming community that my friends and myself are working on. So, enough of that I’ll show you some pics.

(Oh and, this was made to appear dark in order to fit into the combine theme).
This is the spawn room(Looks boring I know, but it’s a spawn, what do you want from me?).

Ration Distribution, includes working shield wall and working slot.


Assembly room.

Drilling Area.

CQC training area.

Urban Combat.

Fully functioning prison, includes cells, torture chamber, and interrigation.

Officer’s View of the cqc area.

Officer’s view of the drilling area.

Officer’s view of the meeting area.

Officer’s view of the prison(Love this one).

Officer’s view of the urban combat area.

If you wish to edit this map/ use pieces of it in your own, feel free to just give credit, and of course enjoy.


Suggestions and complaints are welcome, just make sure your complaints actually have something in them that you want me to fix and not just “I don’t like it”.

Using combine textures doesn’t make it a combine base. Load up some HL2 and Ep1 maps and study the combine’s architecture. They don’t use perfect 90* square rooms, they use plenty of odd angles.

Thanks, I’ll do that in my next version of this.

Can’t wait for the new version!

id like this to be added to evocity 2

Not a bad idea, but I would need to recieve permission in order to do that first and I think it would most likely just be an annoyance for people to need to download two versions of the map because some servers are using one while others use the other. So if this did ever work its way into a map, it would be best for it to work its way into a new map that hase not been released yet.

Ooh, I like the whole idea of training areas. Improve the geometry a bit (study the combine areas in HL2) and generally detail it up and you’ll have my download. :smiley:

That map is already full. If you can add anything to it without breaking it, you should get a medal.

Teleporter to this combine area which is in its own skybox.

That’s a fucking terrible idea.