RP_Treno_Village - WIP

Okay so I am currently working on this RP map, I dunno if it looks good enought and since I had to remake displacements I need to find most of the bugs on my map, to do so I would like to use your help guys, so here is download link for map and after you download it give me screenies which shows those bugs, I really appreciate any help.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nzn2zekmefb/TrenoVillageBETA.rar
**If you get texture error, download that, I forgot to pack it into map:

Repleace it with your Hl2:Ep2 folder in 'steamapps/account_name'


Also I would like to know what should I add or change, critism most welcome as far as it’s not sarcastic.

If you guys have some other suggestion or want to chat feel free to add me to friends list. I hope the button on left works.

There are some pics if you are too busy to download the map:



Fixed bugs:**

[release]-Missing texture bug
-Grass in house
-Hole in cave
Thanks to Roryd.[/release]


You should add some underground abandoned mine :smiley:

From what I can see mate, it looks really nice, well according to my iPhone anyways :v:

Haha, I mostly use PSP to view FP while in bed =3

Here goes pictures of the main issues I could find, but overall its nice.

The ceiling texture is custom and I forgot to pack it. That’s not a problem so far :smiley:

Also strange, that grass shouldnt be like that also lol this hole, I know about it already but thanks, pics will remind me about it

Waiting for more !

I was on the Toilet :v:

Okaaaay… I can smell it, really.

Anyways have you tried map already ?

Not yet, will in a minute though, downloaded just doing some stuff on Notepad++ :v:

Hey Sphinxa, add me on steam, I enjoy making fun from people that think about internet while on toilet hehe

Will do mate.

Yar. I found few holes in displacements also light bugs, fixed already

Overall this looks like this will be a great map. One thing I really dislike is that you seem to have went overboard in putting trees on the top of the cliffs.

Also in this picture, in the lower left corner, it looks like a tree is going through a house

Must’ve been talking to oskutin then :razz:



There’s going to be 3D skybox that has tree’s in it, thats why I haven’t placed it

What is this, Twitter?

Looks amazing, the only thing I noticed was the pure blue of the waterfall messes up my eyes since the rest of the map has a soft yellow/orange light.

It’s going to be dark blue after I compile with StaticPolys, somehow when I compile with StaticPolys (makes props to not ignore shadows.) then this waterfall is darkish so it won’t hurt eyes, either way I’ll change light so it will be on other side, what means that waterfall will be placed in shadow, result: less eye-fuck cause of its color

Erm actually no, I don’t even know what “Twitter” is like, I wouldn’t want to, we’re just having friendly banter, that is all, calm down.

Ehh… No bugs found guys ?