RP_Underground 2

Here’s my Shitty 20 Hour challenge map

Go nuts


Will also be on Toybox as soon as i figure out how to add it

EP2 textures make me satisfied. Nice cave lol

I suck at Displacements, I know

Blocky; However, I do like what you’re gettin’ at.

More screenshots would be nice. Also, you’re textures are pretty badly aligned.

Needs more half pipes and Viva la Bam advertising. :buddy: but on a serious note I like it.

Looks nice, but it kind of seems like you have 2 areas a cave and the inside of the jail cell thing try to get more screenshots.

I’m making a v2 with a bigger cave area with shacks inside the cave and more detailed jail area and such

If you could do something with the wall then that would be nice other than that it looks decent.

The screenshots really don’t do this map justice; it’s pretty large, and quite well made. It feels like a pretty sturdy bunker. Only problem is an apparent missing mesh behind the caved-in door on the top floor… what was that supposed to be?

Oh crap, i forgot about that, It’s a custom prop that i forgot to implant in Pakrat.