RP_Underground (WIP) 56k Warning

Hello everyone!!

Let me first start by introducing myself, I am bluey, and this will have been my first source map when finished. I started mapping back when hammer (World craft as it was known) was making it’s way to the public, after the release of the original HL1. However, I soon became frustrated (due to my young age) and gave up all together. I have decided to return to the world of mapping as an exercise while I persue my masters in Architecture at my University.

So, without any further pesky introductions, I give you my work in progress. This is what has come from several hours of loving labor:

I’ve drawn my inspiration from my sketchbook and fond memories of black mesa (as one may surmise).

Ahh the generator room, shaping up to be my favorite.

The hallways arn’t perfectly identicle, one is an airlock while the other is for transportation.

Obvieously because this is a work in progress, these rooms arn’t polished off. However, I have made an effort to optimize for FPS as I go along. This map compiled in around 30 seconds (yay me). I hope everything continues to go this smoothly.

Please leave comments, I’m interested in getting feedback from the community.

This is actually looking pretty good. My advise would be to improve most of the lighting a bit; they look bland and white.

Duely noted, I would like to change the tone of the lighting. Im thinking of going for a bit more of an industrial yellow look. In addition, im playing wround with a light fog and some particle effects to make it seem a bit more claustrophobic.

Note the pitch of the rock wall in the first picture, I have slightly tilted it inward to give one a sense of scale and depth. Upon seeing this wall, I hope players will infer that they are deep within the earth in some unknown, subtly sinister fascility.

I got a boner.

Make sure you have multiple stories/levels and interesting transitions between them.

What do you think about doing a verticle floor plan, instead of a sprawing horizontal one? I think that would by dynamic and interesting. Not to mention it would most definitely give players a sense of depth.

I know, right? We’ll this took me about an hour to do, and with it I think I’ve completed level 8 (and there are more to come). I think I’ll call this level maintenance. So where am I going now? Up up up!

Sewage access and bypass to the gen room all in one!

I think the new name for this map will be:



this could be a good stalker (hidden) map

It is not often a new mapper comes along and show us a good map. You are one of those. I really like the brushwork and you attention to detail (not too many details but still enough). You have gained my respect for that. Otherwise as said, you need to improve those lights. In the new hallway, the lights are a bit too yellow/green. Some were between the white and the yellow ones, and you will nail it. You might also want to try some blue lights for something important. That way you draw the players attention towards it.
Good luck onwards with the map, and welcome to FP.


Work on the lighting though.

Also, I’m not too sure on what exactly it is… Maybe try giving your map a “story”, like add dead peepz on some floors and some kind of incident. Make it look like they were trying to contain something that was fighting it’s way through to the surface.

I disagree with adding blood and gore. Keep it clean. This is for Roleplay, we can add our own story line. That’s what Roleplaying is all about. Is this a large underground EOTW shelter or a Missile bunker or what?

I agree, that’s for the roleplayer to decide. I’m going to be adding an assortment of details which will be cohesive to a good roleplayer. Though, if you want a straight answer, it would be that it’s a facility similar to black mesa. I had thought of naming this “Black Mesa South” or somthing to that nature, but decided against it - it will remain just “depth” and I will allow users to decide what they want this facility to be used for.

Heres a limited list of what I will be adding (by limited, I mean unfinished).

-Sewage and Utilities access (A route for plumbing, sewage, and drainage rolled into a small underground network of tunnels).
-Tram or Train for transportation between working and living facilities (not sure yet)

I’m going on my inspiration, and I have something planned for this map that I have never seen anyone else do - ill be posting screenshots if I get it to work.

Keep checking in, ill be posting some new screenshots later tonight after I get some more work done.

If you’ve ever played the Penumbra games go for something like that.

Would you eventually have a surface area? If so, could you give it similar structure to the Half Life DM map “bootcamp”? I really liked the feel of that map. Add some prop_doors to it and you have a good rp map with just that area.

Didn’t care for the magic sky pillars though. Don’t include those, if you get around to adding something like that. Keep the general layout though.

Looks really nice. I love industrial underground maps. Keep it up :v:

Fallout 3. I’m playing Fallout 3 right now, and I’m telling you, that looks just like some of the underground/lab/vault parts of fallout, albeit cleaner and with extreme bloom on the box on the table (this is also my way of saying please fix that). In fact, this whole thing just screams underground Fallout 3 environment with all the lights turned up. Anyway, I too like it so far, but I think it needs just a lot more stuff everywhere; looks kinda empty. At least in the first batch of shots . I see you started with that trash decal in the last one, and I saw some props in the second set. But I’m sure you’re planning on doing that later. I suppose it’d be redundant to mention the overall lighting at this point, but besides that, I think you should stick with just the underground area; I understand some would want to be able to go above ground to but I think that would ruin the feel of the map.

My only suggestion would be to take the clip tool and take away some of those sharp corners. It is one of the most subtle reasons for people’s maps looking blocky.

This is pretty hot. Add some elevators, maybe one shaft open and the elevator is at the bottom on fire? Put some cones out in front of the door and you’re good to go.

Behold, I bring tidings of doom and dispair!

This is the concept I’ve been developing for the lab part of this underground complex. Keep in mind, this is a concept and it isn’t implemented into the main map yet, so the real version will look identicle to this, but likely with more detail.

I would have posted more tonight, but, my mapper friend who works for Activision told me that I should start making all my custom supports etc. into models - so thats what I will do! Model making time, yahoo! (not really that fun, actually).

A note on the lab - the main lab room is empty and will likely remain that way (save a few computers or pipes etc.) so that rpers can construct their own contraptions etc. I also plan on making that bulkhead door functional and as part of a lab wide, and facility wide lock down (I’ll get into the specifics of how it will work later).

Feedback is much appreciated!

I don’t really like the tiles.

It doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the map’s theme and it’s pretty repetitive.

Change it back to the concrete look before.

you did read the part where it said that this is part of the lab complex, seperate from storage and maintenance? It should be different because it’s a different part of the map with a completely different purpose.

I appreciate the feedback though!

Still, it’s dark, musty and covered in concrete then dirty, repetitive and covered in tiles.