Rp_Underground_v2 WIP

hellu :smiley:
my second map is in progress noaw (finaly)
its the second version of rp_underground (Version 1 was: :barf:)

Il be happy for suggestions :smiley:
Enjoy :smiley:

PS: sorry for my bad spelling, English is not my first languidge.
PSS: all the roomes here arent finnished! so i dont want any bad coments on how its not detailed!!!

Might want to use

tags on those pics.


Seems too bright. Lower the brightness on some of your lights.

Added new laghts for the hallway:

Use light_spot, not light entities, and have the light originate from the prop, not the center of the room as indicated by your yellow rooms. Spotlight entities don’t light up the entire room, so the result is crisp shadows. And get some better coloured lights.

In all seriousness the top picture looks the most promising, but the bad lighting ruins it.

Added :smiley:


Try mixing up the colors of your light_spots, plain white is boring.

Also, for the lamps, change the skin if it has a second one so it looks like they are on. You need env_cubemaps by the way.

the lamps are on the “on” skin and i have cubemaps

Did you ‘buildcubemaps’ in console?

Why am I not seeing any static props anyway? Half of the ones you’ve used can be used as static props.

Also don’t use point_spotlight sprites if you can help it, for lamps like those you’re better off using env_sprites.

Finally, try and decrease the angle that the spotlights project, and add some colour, just make them a lot more subtle.

yes i type buildcubemaps in console
Statics will be added…

already added more color to them… more yellow but not to mutch

You’ve got a good thing going, man. However, one thing that caught my eye was the width of your pillars in the Market room; they seem too thin. Try thickening them up a bit and adding a few decals here and there. But for a second map, you seem to be getting a grasp on brushwork and you’re building up detail. Not bad at all for only a second map.

well thank you :smiley:

i also want to ask something…
ive bin trying to use alot of decals but some of them dussnt seem to work…

they show up in hammer but not in-game
any suggestions or is it my hammer that is broken or something?

Pretty impressed with what I’m seeing. I’ll have to keep checking this thread.

As for the decals, place them with the decal tool in the 3D view, so that the decals are right on the wall. Then it should work.

It looks pretty good.


Market room


storage room


Make this darker.

Try adding in env_sprites on the props, that way it looks like they are lit up.

new video showing some stuff

the map is stopped due to that i havvnt figured out how to fix sdk yet… hopefully i will find a fix for it and start on it again :slight_smile:


This is a good temp. fix. Works too.