This is my first map!
it took me 2 days to make, but here it is:


10 Apartments
3 Shops
1 Kitchen
1 Mayor’s office
1 Police room with cell

Not too bad…but:

The light entities are too close to the walls causing the glare. Move them away from the walls and it will look a lot nicer.
Work out the theme then run with it. The textures are combine, but the light props and lighting are very human. Combine uses a blueish lighting effect and specific lighting props.
The floor area looks very vacant and could use a small amount of clutter.

Well on the positive site, this map looks better than most first maps we see here.
But i don’t think you should have released this, theres lots of better maps for roleplay.

Next time you release a map, take a look at another map. Do your map then have “near”, the same quality as other well played maps?. Or does your map have something unique, that other maps don’t?

Thank you for your honetly about my map, but as i have said this is my fist map and im still learning Hammer, i just got so exited that i made a map that i wanted to upload it at fast as possible and see what people think about my idea. And i will asure you that theese thing you have brought up will be shown in V2
(sorry about my spelling)

Well it looks a bit better now, i just created this fast so i can show you where you can improve.

Use these lights in combine areas, and you can add detail to the ceiling texture you use. Like small beams of metal, at the places i have highlighted on your texture. It adds a nice detail to the flat ceiling.

On the new pictures you have some places, where you don’t have a light prop. So there just comes light out of no where.

Also lights do NEVER emit white light, light bulbs emit yellow light.

Just some really fast ideas to improve it. Time to sleep for me now.

That depends. For labs you need a clean white light, only using light yellow if you want florescents.

ok im gonna add new stuff and im just gonna explain whats comming in V2: more realistic lighting effects, sliding doors(why the hell wuld the combine put in wooden doors in thair base :S), new rooms: combine war room with alarm buttons and overwatch voice buttons, screens and i was thinking that the map could be an old bunker that the combines have docorated and there is a section that is still concrete with human stuff if you whant to live there instead. so the map is going to be bigger, better and more realistic. :smiley:
(sorry about my spelling)

You’re on the right track :slight_smile:

Just keep practise, and try not to make the geometry flat.

right now im working on Not using so blocky rooms and stuff so its going to be more round and i just learn how to do a sphere

Non-blocky isn’t necessarily round. It’s just detailed - ledges and beveling and crossbeams and crap like that. But it is good that you’re learning :slight_smile:

This is a historical moment:

Someone releases his first map, but isn’t an idiot that refuses to take the advice.

I am impressed. :golfclap:

Only one thing now: align your textures better.

hello i love this map but i do not have hle2 so i see some errors and the glass on the shops is pink and black and i can’t get hl2 e2 because my pc acts funny with it don’t know why but . if you could add bathrooms on all the rooms and add a bathroom in the shops to hide things llike guns. and take out the trains so it don’t waste space. so yeah if you do that you will have the worlds best dark rp map. oh yeah make a lab because it looks good and make a jail or make it bigger 3 cells. thats fins and make the glass windows a new texture that does not use hl2 e2 . because i don’t have it lol. thanks you are the man.

There is so much wrong with this post.

  1. Look at the date before posting.
  2. Learn to spell.
  3. Look at the date before posting.
  4. Just because YOU don’t have a game does not mean that mappers should choose to use ugly textures.
  5. Learn to spell.
  6. Did you just tell him to change half the map so that it would fit together better with shudder darkRP?
  7. Who writes lol in a forum post? Seriously.
  8. Learn to spell.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighbourhood grammar nazi.


but seriously a lot of people use “lol” on forums, that isn’t exactly something you can call him out for. There’s even an emote. :lol:

I’d rather use the emote than write it, to be honest.

wow issnt this locked yet? ^^
that was ages ago i made this map… started working on V2 a couple of weeks ago but got bored XD
maybe i will release it but not soon…
if you guys still want to rp… Underground…

Why did you bump your thread to tell us you’re not working on the map :raise:

i donno, i guess i didnt think,

anyway i may start on it again soon
so it wassnt a Huge bumb

Your map isn’t gm_tornadochase or anything

No-one’s going to have any heart attacks if you start working on it again.

Thank god