RP_Uptown_V4 Beta



RP_Uptown was originally based on RP_Downtown by “The Pro.”
We are now finishing up RP_Uptown_v4 and we would love for you guys to help us finish beta testing it before the soon final compile and release.







Map features

  • Fight cage (crowbar fight, anyone?)
  • Police Department (combine style)
  • Huge bank
  • Huge park
  • 100+ apartments
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Bunker
  • Gunshop
  • Small shops
  • Secret passages
  • Sexy textures
  • More!


You can download the most current beta version of RP_Uptown_v4 here: http://chaosity.cc/news-and-announcements/chaosity-rp_uptown_v4-beta-download/#download
You can play the most current beta version of RP_Uptown_v4 here: GMOD.Chaosity.cc:27015

(The map has been fast compiled. The “blinking” windows/buildings and the console errors will be gone in the full compiled map.)

To do

  • Fix water in park
  • Fix subway walls & lighting


  • Cyborg (Mapper)

(Full credits will be posted with final release)

If you find a bug, please post a comment. Thank you!


Looks awesome will edit this post with feedback when I get home

Looks good, i like the textures very much, they are very colorful and bright,
The “caging” could be different in my opinion to be other buildings instead of just a wall.

i used to be straight, until i saw this

But will you remove all the advertisements?

Looks awesome, refreshing change from downtown_v4 but I like how it keeps a similar structure, going on my rp server now :wink: hopefully it will set us aside form the rest :smiley: thanks for the great map bro

Very nice, although I couldn’t find the cage fighting ring :frowning:

Very nice.
Finally a city without HL2 textures!

Looks pretty good. I’m not a fan of all the downtown remakes though.

It looks really amazing! i can’t wait to get a chance of playing it, some day!

This didn’t really go anywhere?

We’re not happy with the caging either. We spent more time than expected on this map already, so we’re going to leave it. :confused:
We can’t wait to continue our next project: RP_Chaos_City_v33x (A remake of Evocity v33x. 3 entrances to the main city, no dead ends… etc)!

We hope to keep just the billboard (simple and not too spammy).

In the first screenshot, it’s the white building touching the Police Department.

You must hate the combine police department! Sorry, it’s one of Cyborg’s masterpieces. The earlier versions of the map were built for HL2DM RP (and was one of the most popular maps).

How about Evocity remakes? :wink:


Fixed: Subway lighting/refection, park water, park wooden bridge, and other minor things.

You can download the most current beta version of RP_Uptown_v4 here: http://chaosity.cc/news-and-announcements/chaosity-rp_uptown_v4-beta-download/#download
You can play the most current beta version of RP_Uptown_v4 here: GMOD.Chaosity.cc:27015

goddamn it, i’m halfway through a map called rp_uptown. sigh.

Looks pretty good, although the textures seem unrealistically clean/unfaded. Some seem out of place.
The outdoor lighting is okay, could use with some decent lightmap scales. Interior lighting is pretty bad, use more than just a dome prop and a singular light entity next time.
The geometry is quite blocky, but without the custom textures it would look a lot worse.
Haven’t opened the map up myself yet, basing this off the pictures. I’m wondering how you’ve laid the map out optimization-wise. It looks like you haven’t fully thought out blocking visibility, etc.
Gameplay-wise, well - i don’t play RP, so I’m not going to bother.
Overall, you’ve done a nice job on the custom textures and general layout of the map, your lighting and geometry needs some work, along with what i mentioned about the textures. Keep mapping and improving.

You don’t play RP yet you are creating an RP map? How does that work?

You don’t need to play rp to create an rp map.
Every experience I’ve had on an rp server was terrible so I don’t play it but I like exploring and creating big maps that people would consider rp.

I like it, but it all looks so plastic.

I like it. It’s a good map. Can’t wait for release.

Since you’re asking for testing, to improve it:
It is laggy. Unoptimized. I look at the console, and it keeps giving vertex errors. Presumably causing the lag. Usually that only happens when you noclip out of the map. (Either that or “overflow” on some maps) The fact that it happens when you’re in the map normally is the bad thing.

Nice job on the map! It’d be very welcome as a new addition for roleplaying servers by the looks of it.

Nice looking map.

If you’re interested, i’m in need of maps for my gamemode. All you need to do is add AI nodes and change the skybox to dusk/nighttime.

Here’s my thread if you wanna read more about it: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1179458

Feel free to PM me if you’re interested/have questions.

The layout use to be the Downtown map minus the sewers/tunnels. The first version of Uptown was just a retexturing of Downtown. A lot has changed since then. We’re trying to make a better use of zclip.

The map is now finished, but needs (more) optimization… this is the problem we’re stuck on (probably because of too many renderings). Some buildings “flash.”


[^ Bad]


[^ Good]









Any suggestions? (We’ll probably use fog)

Anybody else have skybox problems on this map? Btw it is a very lovely map.

Skybox issue

The skybox texture is from CSS, but it should have been packed in the map itself. If it wasn’t, the final compile will have it for sure.

Thank you!