Rp_Urban (Working Name)

This is a WIP thread for my new RP map called Rp_Urban. If you have some name suggestions, please post here.

Here are some screenshots (VERY HIGH RES BEWARE):












Things to do:
Add the houses
Add the gas station
Add the park
Add the outskirts and 3d skybox

Thanks for reading! More updates soon!

EDIT: Added the Gas Station!!!

Here it is(High Res Again):



Looks nice. Consider drawing a plan for this map - it could go far.

I got a floor plan drawn out already. This is the only map that I have done one for and it has actually turned out good.

Are those light spots on the last picture?
I think the standard light entity would work better since it corresponds with the model you picked for the light.

Alright. I will fix that.

Mind I ask where you got those gas pumps?

Also, the run-down texture walls in the apartments… The wall lights you have there look way too nice. IMO make the walls nicer or use shittier wall lights. Nice start though. :slight_smile:

I think that the walls around the doors are much too thick. Might want to consider making you walls in the hallway a bit smaller.

You should use custom textures instead

I think you’re mistaken, they look more like light entities, and they probably should have a mush lower brightness with a light_spot combination.

Looks good so far. Keep up the good work!

Yeah I used spotlight entities. I fixed them and replace them with regular lights.

Doesn’t look half bad. The sprites in the 9th picture look weird, but otherwise, it’s pretty good.

I forgot to disable shadows on them. lol I fixed it though.

Sorry for the double post. But I got a new house in! Sorry, filesmelt isn’t working. I will upload some screens when I can get a chance.

That’s what you get for using Files Melt!


this is what the outside of the house looks like.

EDIT: I need some user participation here right now…

I planned on making a warehouse on the curved sidewalk, but I ended up getting a bit more room than I planned. So YOU guys get to decide what I put there.

Here is a pic so you can get an idea of the surroundings:


Seriously? No suggestions?


Alright. Sounds like a good Idea.

EDIT: Natalya I forgot to answer your question lol. I got the gas pumps from the first L4D. I just ported all of the models over.

Fix the roof on the house, houses don’t have roofs looking like that. You also have some texture alignment problem on the right and left side of it.