||VM|| Map - Public BETA

Their will be some bugs and there is still somethings I am not happy with but here it is just to play around with.

also note that this map is not optimized.

This is a Map I made for the ventmob community (you may have guessed this already).

This is a public beta but I lost all inspiration and I am not sure whether I will finish it or not.

But have fun with.




could do with some doorframes and better textures on the front of those shops.

Its nice, now that you actually released it instead of ‘v’.

A bit bland…way too much use of white. Also, add some props.

Thank you for actually posting some content…

Anyway, it looks great, keep working on it for a v2 release some day :wink:

Damn I like the thing you did with that stereoscopic room

-snip- sorry

any tips and ideas for improvement?

Wow, Great post man.

ontopic: It’s not bad man, You got my download :slight_smile:

Also can you make a daylight version too? I prefer those more.

The skybox was done fantastically.

What did you do to the original map?

I say good sir, I’ll be downloading your map.

I don’t know what you are on about.

But I made this map from scratch.

I really like the layout you did. Nice map.

Interiors seem rather bland.

Very nice map i think :cheers:

im going to add a 3d skybox into the next version, I think i’m gonna make the city looked surrounded which is what I want.

Ah good, glad it’s still being worked on, me and some others I know liked the map, and I was working on a 3d skybox for it but making them annoys me. Easier to just noclip in-game to the box of wonders outside the skybox and spawn things there.