Friends, I present to you my first-ever roleplay map: rp_vostok. Here is a quick trailer I made recently:

Before I elaborate more on this map, I find it worth mentioning that I am (or was) an avid roleplayer on gmod, and I used to play heavily and regularly about 3 years ago. I used to host my own servers one at a time for about 2 years and I’ve both played and hosted pretty much every rp map that exists for this game. However, after a good amount of playing on every good map, I’ve always found myself wanting more. Therefore, this is my solution (or at least my attempt) to fulfill that desire. I am definitely not an expert mapper, but I wouldn’t call myself a novice either. I know all the basics of hammer and a little more, and have experimented with making maps in the past. So, hopefully this won’t be the worst map you’ve ever played!

So, the good news is that since I made that trailer, I’ve fixed pretty much every obvious flaw that you just saw, including the bad shadows and certain misplaced soundscapes, and I’ve also added a few more buildings to the map so it is around 50% complete. If you noticed a lack of detail on the buildings, it is because I am saving that work for last.

*Edit September 9, 2014:

I have removed the testing .bsp because it is no longer relevant to the current progress of the map.*

Features of this map include:

  • An obscure (right description?) city setting
  • Basic RP buildings (police station, apartments, pawn shop, etc.)
  • A detailed restaurant with a bar and stage for performances
  • Bank with a small but functioning vault
  • Office buildings, for immersion
  • Warehouses, with plenty of space for building/storage
  • A very large test chamber/build area
  • Club
  • Movie theater with 2 auditoriums
  • Post office
  • Both night and day versions of the map
  • Other things that may possibly be added

All of these things are in line with what I like to see in rp maps, so that’s why I am including them in mine. Also, there is a small set of guidelines that I work within for personal reasons. Those include:

  • Every building has a visible rooftop
  • Almost every area has 2 or more exits
  • Every area is soundscaped

I think that’s all I have to show for now. I am open to all constructive criticism and may consider any suggestions you may have. I will update the thread as I see fit.

**Updated January 18, 2015:

The map is still in production, but progress is a little slow right now. After making so much progress, I realized there are some large areas I had to cut from the map due to limitations.

I will continue to update this thread and list of buildings I have completed as I make more large jumps in progress. If you have any questions or suggestions, please either post them in this thread or message me! Thanks again and stay tuned!**


  • ROMA
  • Hotel
  • High-end apartments
  • Mid-end apartment building 2 (remodeled)
  • Warehouse 1
  • Warehouse 2
  • Warehouse 3
  • Multipurpose building
  • Office complex 1
  • Office complex 2
  • Conference Center
  • Parking garage
  • Bank (remodeled)
  • Cinemega
  • Bar 1
  • Skyscraper + Mile High Lounge
  • Pawnshop 1
  • Pawnshop 2
  • Store 1
  • Store 2
  • Test chamber
  • Public storage units
  • Police station


  • Day version
  • Infrastructure
  • Mid-end apartment building 1 (to be remodeled)
  • Post Office
  • Plaza
  • Clinic
  • Low-end apartments
  • Bar 2
  • Sewers*
  • 3D Skybox*
  • Currently low priority until map can be confirmed stable with everything else.

Optimization will be the final stage, and since this is my first big map it will really be a team effort. I will release the map when my team and I have done the best we could!

Here are some pictures of my latest revision, with even more to come!

Conference center exterior:


Conference center interior:


Theater exterior (now renamed Cinemega):


Sideview of theater and high-end apartments from mid-end apartment:


Test/build chamber (need to widen elevator):


Bank vault:


Warehouse 3 (the lighting didn’t quite turn out how I wanted it but it will have to do):


Warehouse 3 (alternate view):


Note: I have already fixed the faulty lighting in that frontal picture of the theater.

Also, just a reminder that I am accepting any suggestions and/or constructive criticisms.

This is a really amazing map. It looks really well fleshed out and has amazing lighting. My only complaint is for most RP people like to build. So i’d say remove some furniture, because especially in DarkRP people don’t want pre made furniture we want to build our own and make our own “bases”. You should add a download link to the .bsp, id love to explore it in person.

You could do with some better signs for the buildings. Perhaps a 3d model, if you know how. Otherwise it’s not hard to do in blender.

I really like the music that plays when inside of the second building, it adds a very nice sway to it.

I would use less HL2 props if you are trying to stay away from the ghetto HL2 feel. Which I am presuming since you are making a “roleplay” map, that you don’t want that feeling everywhere.

For example:


The tables really don’t fit the tone of the room. Maybe the Counterstrike chairs will fit that better. And the shadows that they give off don’t look the best.

Also the back area with the big red sofas. I really don’t see a purpose for that either.

Just giving some feedback,
Great Map.

Very well! I may remove the tables in the ROMA bar then to give players (or whoever owns the bar in the server) more freedom to customize. I will upload the .bsp as you wish when I finish the latest build, but just as a disclaimer the map will be open-ended and unoptimized in its current state. When the map is complete I will upload the .vmf and you may make any changes if you wish. Thanks!

I am going to keep the ROMA sign, but I agree with you on the signs for the conference center and the cinema. Although, due to limited resources I’m gonna have to keep them as they are until at least the final build of the map, where I’ll then have time to make 3D models on my own and texture them appropriately, if I do not have the models made by a contributor by then.

I also agree with you on the HL2 props. While browsing the model viewer I was looking for more restaurant-style tables, but these were the best I came across and so I decided I could just use these as placeholders until I can get a better model, or just remove them altogether. Same with the sofas you mention, they were intended to be table booths but I also agree hardly look like such.

Thanks for the feedback!

If you dont mind it being open source you should upload it in its current state. Id love to make a few changes and use this map on my server.

Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable releasing the .vmf this early in development unless I run into a dead end of problems and I need help. In the OP I referenced a list a planned structures for the course of this map’s development. The non-starred buildings are my essential structures envisioned for this map. Of course, I won’t feel that the map is complete until I’ve included the starred ones as well. However, since you want the .vmf sooner rather than later, I am willing to compromise and will not include the non-essential structures in the first formal release of the .vmf. Given that the current pace of development remains as it is, I will be able to give you the first .vmf before the end of July along with a pack of the custom textures I am using.

I will still release the .bsp as you requested when the latest build is finished this evening, mainly for testing purposes. If you wish to decompile it and use that .vmf for your map, you have my permission, but again as a disclaimer it may have more bugs to be fixed than the .vmf I will be releasing formally, and you may be missing some textures.

I appreciate your enthusiasm and hope you understand.

Nah I totally understand. Im deathly excited to play.

Ahem, we be waiting on this map.

Really? Are you sure?

Yes, 99.9999901% sure.

My mistake, I had uploaded it last night but did not update the OP. The OP is now updated with the download link.

Why’s the map file 39 megabytes?

I’m guessing custom textures?

He talked about custom textures earlier. So im going to say thats probably it.

I was afraid this was going to happen, and unfortunately it’s only going to get bigger. I will try to limit my use of custom textures as much as possible to reduce the final file size. Before I packed the textures in, the map file was 17mb compiled. I highly doubt I have 22mb of custom textures, so it could be the audio files but I didn’t check to see if they were packed in or not.

Either way, I will do my best to come up with a solution, whether it be retexturing or updating/removing the audio files. Thanks for the concern.

Edit: I was just doing some research and found that the skybox could be the problem, adding 5-10 megabytes more than it should. This is because I used the “box method,” which I am only doing to make testing easier, rest assured. When the map is complete I will be able to customize the skybox to fit the map’s edges appropriately.

I mean, does it really matter. People get addons that are like 2 gb so this isnt that bad.

I suggest one way to make it better is to increase your lightmap grid on obscure texture surfaces. if done right, you can reduce your file size by a lot without having much visual impact on the map itself

Thanks! I will give this a try.

Lighting is what adds a lot. What size lighting grid are you using? Also compiles way faster without the cordon bounds, just saying.