rp_western (Not working title & a fuck-load of images)

Hey guys.

So for the moment I have started a project with the theme of the Wild West. About 2 hours into this project (And building about 4 brushes) I see a request thread for a Wild West themed map. I thought this would be a nice opportunity for me to practice my skills whilst actually being under pressure to finish. Not just mapping for leisure.

Sure enough this has got me quite far at the moment, as I’ve been steamrollering ahead in progress.

Here lies a wall of pictures, all img_thumbed for your benefit.
I shall start from oldest progress to newest:

Update 2:
** Things done:**

  • Completed Courthouse & Prison ** Done**
  • Added more windows to the church ** Done**
  • Made Bannisters on Balconies into cylinders ** Done**
  • Mapped out the main road in Displacements. ** Done**

The layout I’m abiding by:

** Things to do:**

  • Begin more houses ** To be done next update**
  • Fix up road displacements slightly ** To be done next update**
  • Fix the house roof ** To be done next update**

**At the moment, I’m mainly looking for C&C on my brushwork. This would be greatly appreciated. **

** I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me and become a sort of Texture Designer. This would speed up progress very quickly. PM me if interested.**

Looking good man, Can’t wait to see it textured! :3:

I was working on a western map, but I stopped a while ago. You can look at some of it here.


Anyways, I was basing my map off of pictures from this site

It’s pretty awesome and I think you could get some building ideas from it.

The architecture looks EPIC, please continue!

And the lighting looks AWESOME.

I remember this, Nice map.

A lot of western maps use mainly wood. However churches were known to use white-ish plaster.

Here is my map that I was working on earlier, but never finished.
There are much more buildings and detail now, but the map is highly unoptimized and takes forever to compile, so I never did it. Just remember to optimize the building and to credit me if you use any if these.

Also, this was made in l4d2 hammer, so I’m not too sure how you’re going to get it into the other hammer, sorry.

Updated OP with my tasks completed, will post an image when I return home from college in around 3 hours.

Also, still looking for that texture artist if anyone is interested.


Looks nice Lewy.

Updated OP with progress. C&C would be very much appreciated.

Still looking for a texture artist, I’m way too busy to do it. Between mapping and A-Level’s (In which I failed my Law exam miserably today) I have no time. Contact me if interested.

Looking good. I hope you can model/ are going to get a modeller. :3:

I’m self-teaching to model at the moment, but I’m getting some good help off not_yet, cause he is awesome.

I’m friends with Not_yet. I agree that he is a very nice/awesome person, Though good luck on learning to Model! :3:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Your Welcome :3:

Very nice ! :slight_smile: