RP_WooHoo_Town_v1 - WIP

Thread should be closed now. I changed name, also have to time to post anything in few days.

Looks a bit blocky, and the textures are repetitive, but its a start.

You r right, i wont use this grass texture, i just used it as filler if you know what i mean.

Also it will have another wall texture in future, same will happen to sidewalk.
I am focused now on the brushwork

Change the grass texture to a little lighter and it looks ok for a start.

That’s what i already know !

Thank god!

The wallpaper and floor textures don’t look good together.

Yeah, i thought so. I’ll try to get some better texture

Also i didn’t changed much yet, but take a look at rails. I am not sure if they shall be there

Crysis ain’t got shit on this map.


Check out new photos. I hope this will a little change your mind.
Also i am thinking about placing column in left corner at 1st floor

Looks awesome.

Thanks, that’s pretty motivating :slight_smile:

Hell yeah! Disco floors!

Otherwise nice.

I do like the road textures…map needs to be bigger though :v:

It is just the beginning XD

I think the parking lot looks very nice indeed, the rest is pretty good as well.
Keep it up!

Does this have to do with The Sims by chance?

The outside is okay, but that building and the interiors I don’t really like; it has repeating textures and bland lighting.

This is exactly what I thought of when I saw this thread… dear god what has that game done to me?

Back on topic, the exterior does look pretty good, i like the parking lot. But, the interior looks strange, the textures don’t fit at all.