[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Rp_wreckrock

[tab]Version:[/tab] Orginal

[tab]Description:[/tab] Good map for roleplay and gmod stranded

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Mid-range computer ,Css and hl2

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=33997 [/release]

Small and fun map made by me…
… and i made it fast…
You don’t need permission to edit/improve this map.


Nice map Oskutin :slight_smile:

wow that’s raly neat!
mapping king for you

Nice, love the small cozy shacks :3:

What’s with the misformed snow looking thing on top of the rock’s?

I like the look of this map, the style is good.

Looks nice but try some other skyboxes than that same one you have in all of your maps :stuck_out_tongue:

And correct the first post: You are saying this needs hl2, which is false, as css itself includes all hl2 content.

I just adore this kind of map. You rule!

Looks good apart from the Spectacular overdose of bloom in the first picture and the fact the grass in the last picture has still got a shadow

and oh my god you actually remembered to use doorframes and windowframes

Not bad

I forgot it:/

Looks nice, but the lighting is bland.

I love nice little cozy maps! Awesome!
(and dark and scary maps that’s a different story)

I hope someone makes mix of gmod stranded and rp…

Stranded IS an rp mode.

But no door owning.

And this map doesn’t work with stranded. no resources anywhere, and nowhere to plant things. Just tried.

And final fantasy isn’t an rpg because you can’t own doors.

Hotness, mapking for you. Very cool. While it doesn’t server any valuable purpose (to things like… Stranded as Q42 stated.) It’s still pretty cool. Very nice work mate.

There’s something really cozy about this whole map. It looks surreal somehow, and I don’t know how you did that because everything about it is so realistic. Very cool.

I have same problem too.


Do i make wreckrock2?
There will be little bigger village.
Sonmeone else can make night version because i am so lazy :v: