[RPC] PvP/Instacraft/Nosleepers with teamspeak server

We now have a Rust server! With PvP, Instant craft, No Sleepers, and a teamspeak server to talk to anyone you want to team with!

Teamspeak server : rpc.teamspeak3.com
Rust server IP :

(If you don’t know how to join off the IP, press F1 and type “net.connect” without the quotes, then put the IP after that with a space in between.)


-Respect Admins and the owner.
-Be nice to other players, do not curse them out
-Do not hack, you will be banned from the server and from VAC.
-Do not whine that you got raided.
-Have fun!


(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Swebonny))