Rpcube Serious RP

A little about ours serious Community!
We are a old Community and we fighting to hold ours community up / Get Biggere everyday.

Community name changed 28.09.10 To RPcube. -=RPC=- . Old Name EliteGamerz -=EG=-

-=RPC=-| Serious RP [WIRE/PHX/CARS]Costum Jobs
18 Slot Server.
Host Location: London

  • PHX3
  • Wire / Money Detector
  • Drugsmod
  • ULX SVN Versjon (Only Superadmin allowed to spawn Sweps)
  • Costums jobs
  • Costums Shipments
  • Sickness Car pack
  • Map: RP_Evocity_v2 (The Cave are Blocked with cave block, and teleport script.
  • Weapons: Mad Cows Weapons Fixed Versjon.
  • enitites to the banker class.
  • 3 Money printers. Money printer. Plantium Printer And Golden Printer.
  • And more…

Webpage: www.rpcube.smffy.com

  • Acess To Donate Admin rights Each month.
  • Forums
  • Server Information

Websites Changes: 29.09.10
Old Websites: Www.elitegamerz.clan.su

You sell admin, dumb jobs, PHX3, drugsmod. Your server isn’t serious, its just another generic DM-fest.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Benji))

Okay, I agree with you, but this is just over the top.
You go around, shiposting on every RP server, just because your own went down the drain.
Oh, and you’ll resort to personal attacks in a bit.

I’m telling the truth, no one makes a fucking effort to be DIFFERENT. It has absolutely nothing to do with my server going down, who the fuck started that?

I don’t disagree with you, I just don’t see the reason in going around and shitting up every Dark RP thread.


Also, Skill Gaming Clan sounds like something straight outta MW2.

Your grammar licks.

Its dead, and its been dead for almost a year now. The name was dumb, I made it a while back and thought it was good at the time.

Let’s not shit this thread up, shall we.
I’m done.

Your done. I’m done.

Your lack of punctuation and inability to spell relatively simple words appal me. Get a spell checker, it really isn’t difficult and would result in people taking you seriously, which they aren’t right now.

Other than that:

  • Acess To Donate Admin rights Each month. This is a terrible idea, you’re allowing completely random people to shit up a server by abusing powers that they can’t be trusted with.

  • A little about ours serious Community! This is absolutely not a serious community, you’re running DarkRP with Durgzmod, loads of unnecessary weapons and jobs which likely kill any roleplay that may have occurred if not every single thing you can roleplay was integrated with the script.

-Get Biggere everyday. You have four members, this is an outright fabrication.

But this is all just advice, I honestly couldn’t care less if you just want to run a completely standard DarkRP server, and maybe some people even like the ‘improvements’ you’ve made to the script, but that’s what every single DarkRP community does and it really doesn’t make you special. Saying that, the fact that you’ve set it up like this already shows me that you aren’t a roleplayer, be it ‘serious’ or ‘light’ and as such I am likely wasting my time.

why does every 12 year old with their moms paypal need a darkrp server?

I wonder why RoFLWaFFLEZZ isn’t banned yet, and why don’t you make a RP server as you like.

I am not 12, I am 18.

Darkrp is the only mod i likes.

But Ofc Im agree with your guyes ! I wish so much i could learn to like others mod.

I lost braincells when I finished reading OP.

Call me a Grammar Nazi, but your English and blatant lies makes me want to not play the server.

Good lord…

Oh god, seriously… I haven’t seen worse grammar in months now.
Okay, I’ll give you tip (which was previously mentioned also): get 20x better at grammar, then people will take you way more seriously.

Other than that, your server was just another death match fest, and nobody will like it.
Thank you.

OP made me barf.

Another community who is selling admin…

I’m just saying this community can’t last for long.

Selling admin is just pathetic. Just pay for it yourself, i run a server. I’m 15. I have to pool out my own hard-earned money for it, and it doesn’t matter. Just stick to VIP, or just nothing, so no one gets an advantage. Plus, spend some time on an advert, like some people did, that took maybe 10-40 minutes writing it, and editing it from time to time.

That, if you want to get some money you’ll have to make your server better than the others, people this days won’t donate for someting they could have in all the others 1000+ DarkRP servers.

Put your effort in making your server unique.