RPD escorting a couple of survivors through the city.




FUcking cool

Use R_Shadowcolor to get rid of those cyan-coloured shadows.

Very nice, I see you bugged Bloo for the models. :V

Thanks man.

He actually came to me, needless to say I jizzed eitherway.

Sorry to ask but where did you get those MP5s from?

Looks like that injured guy was infected, and killed the rest. Poor guys, just trying to help and get killed for their trouble.

Something like that, at first I was more like thinking of something like Nemesis paying a visit, I kind of doubt that one zombie could shuv a man into the ceiling and nail another one to the wall and chop his head off :v

Oh and the MP5 model is frome Larry’s weapon packs.

Fancy, I like the colour effect in the first picture

Awesome stuff Rick, loving the posing.

That must be a new record for a file disappearing from Filesmelt :confused:

I re-uploaded them, but yeah looks like Filesmelt is going over the top again.