RPD officers getting slaughtered in a lobby


not much of a slaughter. one guy getting slapped around. the whole scene feels really lifeless. the hectic action your title implies is not here. i’m tempted to say some motion blur would help the picture but really i think it’s a compositional issue - there’s only two guys and a few zombies, most of which are chilling in the background. a slaughter implies lots of people getting destroyed in an unmatched confrontation. this is like a mild mishap. pose more guys, get more movement and action in the scene

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i like the faceposing of the officer on the ground though and the fact his mask is getting ripped off (although some motion blur on the mask would have helped). the line and implied interesting from his eyes to the blurred gun is good

Yeah, I like this, but there simply isn’t enough going on to live up to the title. I expected dudes getting their faces eaten left and right - got one guy getting bitch-slapped and someone else who can dispatch the zombies easily.

Faceposing is nice though

Very cool.

Nice, I love the lighting.


I would of tried a more intense color scheme. Maybe a tinge of orange lighting.

I don’t think there’s really anything we can say that Chesty hasn’t covered here. I like it though.