RPDM sever?

RPDM is a great gamemode and i used to play it alot. last week i felt like playing it but i could not find a single sever what has happened to it, i enjoyed it so much.

Anyone know any sever that for some reason isn’t on my sever list?

Hey DarkRP is a good RPDM!

nah RPDM is more like base wars or gang wars.

PlanetWCA, the best RPDM server in my opinion, shut down a while ago due to lack of players.

LmaoLlama shut down a while ago too because they were being DDoS’d or something

I’ve seen a server up recently called “Blue Man Group Basewars” or something, that seems to be run by members of LmaoLlama. It seems kind of unstable though and it’s missing some features that LmaoLlama had, like blowing doors off with a shotgun

yer i played on planet WCA for abit but there was only like 2 people on so i stoped never seen blue man group basewars though

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found blue man group sever now thanks