I’m working on a map for the RPDM gamemode (basically basewars but more fun), run by the WCA clan. Currently it’s not running, but I still enjoy making maps for it. This map is supposed to be a city overrun by industry and business.

View from map corner:

Power Substation:

Random Machinery:

Foreman’s Office:


Bomb Shelter entrance:

I realize that this map isn’t great, but I’m just a beginning mapper. I’m trying to work out flaws that it has, as well as add new things. I’ll respond to constructive criticism, as long as it isn’t really, really harsh. I’m also accepting ideas.

Beginner mapper isn’t an excuse.

Looks fairly good for a beginners map but it is still kinda ugly.

It has repetitive textures, it looks blocky, some props just look randomly placed(A pool in an industrial place? and I dont think a foreman would stay in a wooden/metal hut above the ground).

Also some of the textures you are using are ugly, like the water texture, the texture of the foreman’s office and the texture for the floor around the pool.

Icky texturing and it’s blocky as hell. Work on that.

i agree, also change the water texture. It looks like shit

That’s not even a real water texture, I think you mistakenly used an overlay texture or material.
Work on adding detail and working with textures. The road, fence, and buildings for sure. Also be sure to make the lighting and skybox more interesting, and to go around and func_detail what you need to.

It looks too… Fullbright.
I know it isn’t one but it looks it :v:

Looks nice, just a bit bland and open. Maybe vary the textures a little bit - this map could use a decent amount of work. But it looks ok from the pictures.

I know that it looks blocky, and I’m going to work on that when I’ve finished the beta. The textures are only temporary, I want to replace most of them with customs. The open areas will be filled, I am still thinking of buildings that will fit in them and actually be useful to the gamemode.

While I do want the map to look nice, I am mainly working on enjoyable gameplay and replay values.