RPG Aspects

Rust, in the steam store, states that it is an RPG. RPG’s are known by many people of the gaming community. Most common is D&D. Granted RPG’s are about playing a role, about being a character, and acting how he/she would go about an action. I’m more concerned about the development of the character in skills. I don’t know if skills are in development at the moment, but I would like to suggest one thing. If you do something, you get better at it. If I cut at a tree for hours, I expect I would become more efficient at cutting and learning how and where to cut it. Thus, I would gather wood faster and more of it. Or if I make weapons and buildings a lot I would become efficient at that as well, taking less time to make items.

Thank you for looking at this.


Go play Mortal Online.

Grinding for ‘skill’ is not a good direction for the game to head in. This game will be about player’s REAL skill, not grinding the artificial e-peen ‘skills’.

The Character is you,your development is you learning about new things in the game,finding new places, new people.

Games like rust are defined by the actions done by the player not by a computer generated thing what happen which happens to everyone else…

You don’t play a game like Dayz and tell your friends on how you went in to a firestation and found a gun. You talk about when you got held up by a random guy or when you made an epic house in epoch