RPG Elements?

I was just wondering if there was any way that RPG elements would be added to Rust in the future, things such as leveling up melee attack damage, crafting efficiency, defense, and whatever else by completing certain tasks. If not, I, for one would love to see at least a basic system to be instated in a future update, just an idea. Thoughts?

no you mongel if you could level up melee dam the naked’s would be able to kill kevlar guys soooooo easily

Sounds like an awesome idea!
I would like to see the skills:
Crafting Efficiency (Craft faster)
Defense (Be able to take more damage)
Strenght (More damage)
Mind ( Need higher mind level to study more blueprints)
Would be cool but shouldn’t get too overpowered. (Defense + Strenght)

We might add skills at some point in the future, yes.

Awesome, thanks for taking time to respond c: Any chance you can spoil what might be going in, or is that super duper secret intel?