Rpg! Get down!

I don’t know if I should post this in the competition, i’ll let you guys decide.

Post it in the contest! :pervert:

Holy shit glowing boots!

I want a pair. :mad:

ya, me too. :frowning:

i fuk ur butthoel

The smudging on the explosion is a bit excessive, and the glowing boots are a bit of a problem too…

(In other news, is it just me or do the mods seem to be cracking down on descriptive titles a little more heavily than usual?)

I like the explosion but the glowing boots are abit wierd…

Also, aznz wtf?

I don’t like the smudging on the explosion and like everyone else said, the glowing boots look a weird.

Leave the damn glowing boots alone, it’s not their fault that they glow.

FILTER RAPE! The filter raping makes the picture look WAY too dark. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be day or night. I wouldn’t have entered this in a competition, just sayin’.

The lighting is really bad.

Thanks chesty. :frowning:

I agree though, the lighting on the soldiers is too wierd!

holy shit great!