RPG/MMO Gamemode

I’ve wanted to make an RPG/MMO based gamemode for a while, I planned to make something like it on s&box when that releases later this year. However I decided to start making a prototype of sorts on Garry’s Mod instead as I wanted to try some things out, I learnt a lot and am mostly happy with how its going/went.

I want to make something like it again when s&box access is given out, however I’d probably stray away from the grindy aspects and more towards and open world gamemode with interactable NPCs and player to player trading rather than singleplayer grinding which my gmod gamemode is more like.

I am also torn between the setting for the gamemode, either fantasy world of warcraft kind of style like the one I made on Garry’s Mod or a more futuristic style with guns (might be easier to make since there would be more assets available).

Here are some images from the Garry’s Mod gamemode prototype.

If anyone wants to check out the gamemode, here is the git hub link: GitHub - louiefox/botched-rpg
If you have any feedback or ideas I would love to hear them.


wow so these images are from gmod and they already look awesome. yeah i really want such a game mode on s&box so plz start making it if you make some prototypes and place them in the official facepunch discord and on the forum you have a more likely chance for getting a s&box key so keep working on it :ok_hand:


nice, but

:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

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That looks amazing.

I’d love to see a project like this in S&Box.

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Yeah, I’d love to start making it in s&box it releases or if I get access early.

I think that was just something for layla to test stuff. Anyway if an mmo is there by default then thats better for me in my opinion :slight_smile:

This looks really fucking cool, im getting some Runescape vibes from it, I hope to see this in S&Box please keep working on it <3

I’m still working on the gmod gamemode, also starting to sort out my ideas for the s&box rpg one I’d like to make as well. Might take a crack at adding dungeons and party systems soon as that sounds pretty fun.


Thought I would post an update, took a break from the gmod project for a week and did some C# stuff instead as I hadn’t done much actual use of it. Also started writing down my ideas for a S&box RPG, just need to make sure I plan everything out a lot more with that gamemode.

Resuming my work on the gmod project I decided I should focus on actual content for player’s to do so I decided to start working on a party system for use in a dungeon system. Dungeons are probably gonna be fairly limited to what I can do, will most likely cordon off an area of the map and then players can join the dungeon and only one will be active at a time.

That’s it for the update anyway, haven’t done tons since the actual post due to working on other things and wanting to take a break from it.

Edit: finished the party system (Botched - Party System - YouTube)


Another little update, I decided to add a tutorial system and a little help menu that should help newer players. My next goal is adding dungeons as right now there isn’t much to do and its something I really want to get done.


Wow, really really impressed by the UI you did :heart_eyes:

Respect for having the patience to implement all of those systems in gmod.

Thanks, yeah I enjoyed doing it and am moving onto RPG Project Zero (Gamemode) now instead.