RPG / MMORPG Gamemode ?

Does anyone now of an RPG or Mmorpg gamemode ? with that i dont mean Darkrp … i mean like an rpg gamemode with inventory and such things :smiley:

TY for answers :smiley:


Nope,but there’s a gazillion coming out in a few weeks…

Next generation of GMod is arriving…just you wait.

There’s poonscript, there’s midage, oldage, and newage? Sorry if I butchered those or something. Soon razor, soon. There’s also DOGA (which I’m personally pumped about) which is like Defense of the Ancients from Warcraft III.

i think mid-age game mod is something for you LINK —> http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=762238

yes i play DOTA so i will like doga ;D ty for answers everyone :smiley:

Yes to RPG’s, there’s lots, Zombified World is mine, a zombie-themed RPG, then there’s Old Age, Midage, Not-So-New-Age and probably others.

As for MMORPG’s, none, since 64 players is not MMO numbers.

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG with low people.
64 people is massive for GMOD so there for it is a massive multiplayer role play game.

MidAge doesn’t have any real limit of players. The only limit is the number of servers, so far we’re sure we can hold 32 players with a good ping and a very good server stability. The newest additions to optimization added by JPiolho might let us extend the players per server further with the same stability for everyone.

Don’t forget fallout mod,but there’s hardly any servers online for it.

Make your own.

Not trying to troll,but not all of us are blot-faced nerds who can whip up a brilliant gamemode in a few weeks…

Why don’t YOU make one for us? :biggrin:

You call coders nerds… yet you play gmod. And visit Facepunch.

Being massive for GMod is relative, it doesn’t make it massively multiplayer.

That’s 100 players MIN I’d say. That’s “mass”. I mean, WoW servers have 1000+ players, no way 64 can ever ever EVER count as mass :slight_smile:

I don’t think MMORPG necessarily means what the abbreviation says. If an MMORPG only had 64 players, you wouldn’t call it a Somewhat Average Sized Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

I heard the Source engine could take up to 250 players at once,but that would crash everyone except the guy with 3 linked CPU’s.

EVE Online = 46000+ players on a single server >_>. WoW doesn’t compare, lol.

Anyway, for RPGs, look around Gamemodes and Gamemode Releases, you’ll find a couple, I’ll soon be making my own based on some space mods I’ve seen :D, fitting, hardpoints, explosions, expansions (lol), and possibly the biggest cache of easy-to-modify weaponry any mod has ever seen :3, still gotta learn a lot of Lua before that though, so don’t expect it for a while!

I’m not even going to start explaining how incorrect you are :wink:


No, you’d call it 64 people playing in an overloaded and crowded source server, which wasn’t designed for it.

Why don’t the developers just call it an ORPG? It would be awesome if they were all inspired by Master Sword: Continued and used a central server to keep track of characters.

I’ll agree with you because you have over 7,900 posts.

( Should use multiple servers for multiple zones )

Actually that’s what we do in MidAge.