rpg_missile doing no damage

I have an issue where my rocket is doing no damage, but other than that it works fine. Is there some sort of entity keyvalue I’m missing?
local rocket = ents.Create( “rpg_missile” )
rocket:SetPos( self.Owner:GetShootPos() + ( self.Owner:GetForward() * 12.0) + ( self.Owner:GetRight() * 7.0 ) + ( self.Owner:GetUp() * -3.0 ) )
rocket:SetAngles( self.Owner:GetAimVector():Angle() )
rocket:SetKeyValue( “damage”, 200 )
rocket:SetOwner( self.Owner )

make sure “sbox_godmode” is set to 0

Ha-ha. Seriously, though, I need help with this.

I hate to necropost, but after some intense googling I still can’t find the proper keyvalue. Any help is appreciated.

rocket:SetSaveValue( “m_flDamage”, 200 ) ?

great keyvalue, works well, could you get me a list of the rpg_missile keyvalues, please?

You can find keyvalues for the default source entities in Source’s source code, which is hosted in Valve’s github. In this case, you can find the rpg_missile keyvalues here.