RPGM - A roleplay gamemode base (dead project needing new maintainers)

As I’ve quit Gmod, I’ve started to open source my old projects slowly. RPGM is one of them, and it’s something I actively worked on at the end of last year, and also somewhat so far this year.

It’s essentially a roleplay gamemode base which is supposed to be used as an alternative to DarkRP. Of course, you can’t do that right now as there’s no compatibility module and it’s missing a bunch of the base features.

Because I don’t plan on working on it anymore, it’d be a shame for the project to go to waste, so if anyone competent would like to take on the role of completing/maintaining it, let me know. If anyone has any questions related to the project in any way feel free to ask here :slight_smile:


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it’s about time someone did this to darkrp :slight_smile: