|RPL| Roleplay Server


Hey There. Another Garry’s Mod Community!

Server is currently running with DarkRP gamemode (26 slots). Here is the IP:

Addons used:
CSS Realistic Weapons Pack (included in shipments)

Now some F.A.Q
Q: What are the cool features?
A: Well we are adding new jobs and in the future we will make buyable cars with MySQL saving so you can’t loose them (Cars like Shelby,GTO,Corvette,Caterham,…).

Q: Is there any website?
A: Yes but is in development, this week will be the opening.

Q: Ahh another DarkRP server!?
A: Well it won’t be anymore as i said in first F.A.Q. We will add new hud and scoreboard so the map won’t be Downton anymore. It’s something better than DarkRP itself.

Q: Where can i see the rules?
A: Well, we are currently building the website so im making a rule list for loading screen. Anyways the rules are in MOTD.

Have fun playing on our server!


Doesn’t work that way here.

So a new map and scoreboard makes it better than DarkRP?