I know I was telling some of you guys soon a while ago so sorry about the delay. At anyrate not a whole lot of changes here guys we cut the mansion in half boarded up some windows but mainly we worked on performance issues with the map.

This version should run MUCH smoother then version 2 did it will also have more spots for making bases in war servers. The mansion and some of the other near by buildings have been made easier to defend from.

Other then that as I said this is mainly a performance version for the rpw series. Also keep in mind there are some copycat files up on garrysmod.org. If it was not uploaded by someone from teamvortex or homewulf its not real.

Your a true saint.

This is terribly blocky and doesn’t have the right feel to it.

Looks… OK. Not good but not bad. The idea is great, but the blockyness ruins it. Good effort, but it could definatly be improved.

Make it less blocky and it would be better :slight_smile:

Yeah Charlie… STOP camping that street with a sniper rifle! >:C

It’s not very detailed. Kiind of boring as well.

I really don’t mind that its blocky, because its still an amazing rp map

The buildings are not just squares and rectangles, they have detailing on them, and the map is not really blocky. i see curved surfaces everywhere.

Whats with the ocean just stopping all of a sudden?

“Hey guys! The Earth really IS flat!”

This sucks, is that what you wanted to say ?

Kinda “Blocky” but I like it anyway =D

It could become really popular really fast if you add more detail =)

It could become really popular like with bumps.

I really like this map, although It would be nice if the coastal area could have a nice backdrop, it seems the horizon is too close currently.

It is a great addition, many people like downtown although if you’re like me and have played it alot, the whole feeling becomes monotonous.