My favorit DarkRP server changed to this map, am I the only one that think this map sucks??? I want the original downtown back! :o

Why are you posting that here? Go to your servers forum.


Ninjad anyone?

Tell them to use rp_evocity_v2d

Yup, v3 sucks ass. What the hell happened to the pawn? The back alley? All the good stuff is gone.

I’m pretty sure that’s a modified version.

They really got rid of the whole pawn shop? The gun machine I understand getting rid of, even making the windows less bulletproof would be understandable, but just removing the whole store makes no sense.

Or rp_evocity2_v2.

waaa waaa i don’t like a unofficial modification of a map waaa waa facepunch my fav dark rp srvr changed to it waaa waaa

I haven’t tried this map yet, and I kind of don’t want to now. I’ll just stick to downtown_v2. :smiley: