RR|Rated R! (new clan)

Rated R is a new community we have just started making. We were brainstorming ideas for how to get members and people on our servers, and facepunch came up!

We have a Fretta server, which is helping new game developers with their fretta games. Our fretta has over 30 gamemodes and we always have awesome people in! We host expiremental gamemodes also. If you need a gamemode tested our fretta is a great place to do it!
IP for fretta is:

We also have a sledbuild server that is being worked on currently. It has some bugs, as we know… But it works. We also use this server to record videos on. If you need this server to record on visit us at rated-reborn.tk.
IP for sledbuild is:

We even have a really awesome tf2 server. It currently holds the following: RTD,sourcemod,inst-spawn,2fort. Its a lot of fun, but at the moment…is a little empty. But thats why this post is here :D.
IP for tf2 is:

And last, we have a grand theft auto san andreas multiplayer server. To get this game visit us at
rated-reborn.tk and click on the tutorials section. Its free and a lot of fun! But its in beta testing right now. We are very hopeful and we will give the IP out when beta testing is over.

All of our servers are hosted in the USA.





Where are the servers even based?
Also, I don’t think many facepunchers are going to want to play on a tf2 server with insta-spawn.

All of the servers run in the US of A.

And why not? insta-spawn rocks. :smiley: haha

oh. snap!

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