RS 2 Vietnam Models

hello mates I have discovered some ways to convert since I have some models for you soon…
The models are formatted with DAE, OBJ, FBX, MAX, 3DS

( Weapons ) 99 % Models Converted…

Download 942 Mb

( Vehicles ) 100 % Models Converted…

Download 284 Mb

Looks great.

A friend of mine wants to ask if you could get the Australian weapons for him.


Would you like to get the soldiers (USA, NVA, VietCong, ARVN…)?

Nice!!! Can you release them? At least the helicopter :smiley:

you can make a owen smg? :3

release dolly babe :slight_smile:

yes can yes

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yes soon

Is pilot Hey


Huey and US Models Soon?

you can get the owen smg?


All models more later public

Can I get the oh 6 :P?

yes more calm

is it possible if i can get the US Models and that huey model in a mediafire? :smiley:

GREAT!!! :smiley:

Many thanks!!

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oh6 doesnt have the cockpit? :frowning: