RS: Clipboard (Copy, Paste and Store easily.)

A small (300*300px) clipboard where you can store your notes, steamid, modelpaths, urls or whatever you want.

To use: bind a key to rs_clipboard using the console…
Example: bind F11 rs_clipboard

The GUI is made using derma which allows you to move the window around as you please. Window location and contents are saved locally to your data folder.

(More pictures available at

Nice idea, could come in handy. Thanks.

This would be very helpful as an admin. Is it clientside?

What about my in-game notepad that I spent so much time on?


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This is different, you really didn’t need to post that.

No, it does exactly the same thing, it’s just a whole lot better and takes more than an hour to make.

Been made several times before, I believe.

I love this!

Did you just come here to troll about how much better your notepad is to everyone eles?

Notepads have been done before your wasn’t the first.

Anyway to the OP I guess it is kinda useful but I use windowed mode so I can just paste stuff into word. Good job anyway :slight_smile:

Nobody wants your “whole lot better” because that’s what makes it worse. It’s too complicated, nobody wants to hunt through a horribly designed interface for files.

You have hidden .svn files in that D.L. of yours. People without svn (not me, but svn files makes garrysmod unstable and longer to load, so you have to export it) will be annoied (before i had it, my garrysmod froze before it started up, crashed, and exited) =(

Reaper I think your work is wonderful and useful.

Earthhunter, your work is more adv. and better but he’s trying to learn lua and VGUI. just try not to trample all over his thread with your adv. work.

Guys stop posting how many times this been done before/advertising your own version.

Wow, this is great and useful. I like it, as it’s easy to enter not like “earthHunter’s” more advanced thing like this.
But i still got some improvements for you, and that would make me LOVE your addon.

Add some commands for using the clipboard, like.
clipboard_add <- like adding a line to clip board but from a consol command
clipboard_clear <- Erase the clipboard
clipboard_show <- this should be instead of “rs_clipboard”

Also make some more menu options like.
Save and exit

And if possible a scrol bar, so you can move around the clipboard.

I still use Earthunters. His has more options.

Looks nice. Thanks!

Useful clipboard. Thanks!

Damn! Hella useful, Thanks a shitton.

Can you make it bigger and scroll through it? Or is it just that tiny little space?

So, It’s not any good if you made it under the space of an hour?